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What Causes Mold And Process Mold Removal New York

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There are various reasons for mold occurring in a house. Molds are considered to be really dangerous and toxic which can cause numerous health problems.

Here are some common reasons that cause mold in a house:

Pipe Leakage - The water leakage from pipes is a common cause of mold growing in a house. It mostly occurs when the leak is somewhere which cannot be detected and give the mold time to grow. It usually happens at places like inside the wall, behind the pipes, etc. It usually takes around 2 days for mold to start growing.

Roof Leakage - This can also go undetected as the leaks happen anywhere or in places such as the attic. By the time it is discovered, the mold has already grown enough to cause problems. To avoid such problems, check the attic regularly for leaks and keep an eye on the ceiling which is below the attic. If there is any sign of water, hire professionals for mold removal New York.

Due To Condensation - When the surface is cold, it creates condensation in a home. It occurs on cold metal pipes as well as on concrete floors. It does not matter if it is covered by carpet or not, it will still occur.

Poor Ventilation System - If the ventilation system of the house is not good, it can create pockets of moist air where mold can grow easily. The steam and water evaporating into the air create humidity which needs to be circulated outdoor through the window in order to avoid the growth of mold in the house. If the ventilation is poor, the wet surfaces don’t dry easily. It is really important to have proper ventilation in place such as the bathroom and kitchen where there is a lot of steam created.

Wet Clothing - If the wet clothes are not dried for a long period of time, mold can grow on it as well. It can also grow on other surfaces where the wet clothes are stored. It usually happens when the wet clothes are not dried for over a day after being washed. It can also happen if the clothes are dried in a dryer but the dryer doesn’t have proper ventilation available. If the clothes are dried indoor, it requires proper ventilation in order to let the moisture out.

Flooding - Once the house gets flooded with water, it nearly impossible that molds won’t occur somewhere in the house. The reason for it is that the house is going to be wet for a long time when it gets flooded. It takes a couple of days to dry the place out completely and the molds require just over 24 hours to start growing. Some toxic mold requires different condition for them to grow. Toxic molds such as Stachybotrys Chartarum require material to be very wet for several days to grow.

Wrapping up

These are the common cause of mold growing in a house. Here’s how it can be eliminated from a house. Hire professional mold removal service provider New York as soon as you can to prevent damage from increasing. If mold removal specialist such as New York Mold Specialist is hired their certified technician would assess the mold on site using the advanced equipment. Then the area is sealed with polyethylene sheeting and the rest of the necessary steps are taken to get rid of the mold in a way that it doesn’t occur again at the same place. After the completion of the process, another check is done to ensure it was done perfectly and the clients are asked to check the area for satisfaction. Hire New York Mold Specialist for mold removal NYC.

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