What Causes Sewage Backups in Homes and How to Handle Them?


It's a resentful experience when the sewer lines of your home get disrupted. That is the time when an unwanted blockage occurs within there. The chief function of your sewer lines is to refrain the wastewater from passing via the drainage pipes. The sewage is that black and dense water can have harmful effects on you and your pets' health. This is because it contains harmful pollutants and germs. To solve this issue, you must repair the sewage backup of your home through high-quality sewage remediation services immediately.

Reasons for Sewage Backup

There are specific reasons which cause an exasperating situation like sewage backup in your home or basement. That's why you should learn about these reasons invariably to avoid the crisis of sewage backup effectively. Some of these reasons can be as follows:

1.    Incessant Rainfall: If it rains continuously for a few days, it can inundate the sewer lines of your city. When these sewer lines can't bear the excess water, it enters other associated sewer lines. It inflicts your home reasonably with the issue of water backflows.

2.    Roots of Tree: At times, some trees can grow exceptionally long roots. These roots sometimes intertwined with the sewer lines of your house. Furthermore, some of these can grow with a pipe and create hollows inside there. Some of the roots can even grow about the pipeline and damage it accordingly. These roots don't need to be off the trees of your garden. Instead, these roots can be of the trees located nearby and can pose dire consequences on your sewer lines.


3.    Ravaged Sewer Lines: The older the sewer lines are, the higher their risk is to get cracked or broken down quickly. That is because earlier, these sewage pipes were made out of clay piping and cast iron. Such dodgy sewage systems can lead to inundated basements and a problem like sewage backup.

4.    Blockage: A blockage in the main sewer line or drain pipes of your home can create sewage backup. Say, for instance, all the bathtubs and toilets of your house are making backflows. When that happens, be rest assured that the main sewer line is blocked or the sump pump is malfunctioning. Similarly, if a single sewage backup produces backflows, it implies that the pertinent toilet is blocked.

Don't feel stressed if you have encountered sewage backup for any of the reasons discussed above. It is because these difficulties can get resolved in various ways. To know about that, keep reading this post carefully.

Ways to Refrain Sewage Backup

There are several ways via which you can resolve an issue like sewage backup. Some of these strategies have been outlined below for you to consider.

·     Maintenance of Sewage Pump: You should keep an eye on whether or not your sump pump has become dodgy. To do this ascertain that no deposition of silt, debris, or gravel has taken place inside. This kind of deposition occurs when your pump succumbs to these components, making the motor completely malfunctioning. To avoid this issue, ensure the presence of a fabric filter in your sump pump' basin. Don't forget to keep your pump on a flat and sturdy brick to attain optimal results.

·     Installation of Backwater Prevention Valve: Backwater prevention valves are conventionally installed either within the drain or sewer line situated in the basement. This particular attachment precludes the sewage from backing up in your home or basement. Conversely, it lets the sewage leave your home or basement effortlessly.

·     Eradication of Tree Roots or Installation of a New Pipe: Substitute your sewer lateral with a brand new plastic. It is a great way to refrain the tree roots from ravaging your drain lateral. It is also essential to cut the excessive tree roots from time to time growing despite all endeavors.

·     Get Rid Of Unwanted Paper Components: Certain paper products like nappies, paper towels, and other womanly products can create a blockage in your sewer line. It usually happens when you flush out these components down your toilet. To eliminate this problem, make it a practice to dispose of these paper products into your bin.

·     Dispose Of Greasy Items Properly: At times, some of us mistakenly dispose of our kitchen's greasy items down the drain. These items solidify over time and can stop the detritus from being eliminated. First of all, you should cool down these fatty products and put them into heat-resistant containers. After this, you should throw them into your bin to ensure their effective disposal.

Hopefully, you can prevent a hazardous issue like sewage backup by adhering to the strategies stated above.

Let's Wrap Up!

So, has your house or basement impinged with an issue like sewage backup? Then, this post will help you to get rid of this problem in the best possible way. However, for serious problems, you can always get in touch with experts.