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What Causes Website Crash and How to Prevent it?

A website crash is the biggest nightmare of every business owner who operates through a website. It is also the most irritating thing that makes the user lose trust in that website. The website crash breaks the link between the users and site data. They cannot view the content, images, product, and services available on the site until the issue is resolved.

With the growing popularity of online businesses in the United Arab Emirates, their dependence on websites has also increased. However, website crash can ruin their hard work of years in a few seconds. Apart from losing loyal users, website crashes make the owners face immense loss. So, it is quite essential to prevent crashes. However, before that, exploring the causes of crashes is mandatory.

This article will help you explore the causes of website crash and share the prevention strategies to ensure your website's safety.

Top 5 Factors That Causes Website Crash

A website crash can cause a loss of millions and make the businesses bankrupt in few seconds. It can cause negative user experience, reduced searches, loss in credibility and reliability, in addition to revenue loss. All of this can only be stopped by exploring the causes of website crashes and fixing them before time.

Below mention are some of the major causes that lead any website towards crashing.

1.    Code Error

The code is the backbone of the smooth functioning of any website. The problems in the backbone often prove life-threatening. The same is the case with the problems in the code of a website. Code is also termed as the most delicate component of any website.

Even a minor error of punctuation or spelling can cause issues in the code, ultimately leading to the website crash. This can also happen while making code changes during maintenance. Therefore, the business organization only relies on professionals from the website maintenance companies Dubai to maintain their site without any code errors.

2.    High Website Traffic

Common people think that websites only crash due to an unexpected hike in website traffic. It is not the only, but the most important cause. Every website has its due limit of accommodating website traffic. A sudden increase in it can cash the site.

Even industry giants like Amazon lost around a hundred million dollars on its Prime day sale in 2018 due to a downtime of one hour. So, it is crucial to take proper measures and manage traffic spike to save the site from crashing.

3.    Plugin Problem

Plugins are one of the most important components of a website that play a specific role in boosting functionality. A variety of plugins are used on every website to improve the performance of various functions.

However, plugins are built by third parties, and they have the potential of causing more harm than good. They can also lead a website to crash. So, if you face a website crashing issue right after installing a plugin, you know who to blame.

4.    Expired Domain

A domain is the lifeline of any website. It comes with an expiry date and renewal package. If you ignore its expiry, you are bound to face the issue of website crashing. It is one of the major causes that lead to website crashing, so you have to be very careful.

Domain renewal is one of the main components of website maintenance. You can only miss it if you do not maintain your website. If you are not aware of such technicalities, here we designed a comprehensive guide on how to maintain a website to avoid any potential loss.

5.    Website Attack

Every website faces hundreds of hacker attacks on a daily basis. If the network security is not free of error, your website can succumb to these attacks and get crashed. So, website attacks are another important cause leading a website to crash down.

Inadequate network security and lack of a backup plan are the main reason that paves the way for hacker attacks. However, poor website maintenance is the activity that leaves the loopholes in security. So, you need to ensure the maintenance of your website after regular time intervals. Hire the service of Spiral Click, a web development and maintenance company in Dubai, to save your site from potential hacking and crash threats and save your revenue and loyal users.

Prevention Strategies for Website Crashes!

Now that you are aware of the main culprits of website crashes, all you need to do is follow these prevention strategies and ensure the smooth functioning of your website.

  • Avoid typos in code and rely only on professional developers.
  • Trust only reliable service providers to avoid downtime.
  • Use the least number of plugins after checking their compatibility with your CMS.
  • Maintain your website regularly and signup for auto domain renewal.
  • Optimize network security, create a data backup, and update the software to protect against attacks.

You can also follow a website maintenance plan which will cover these and several other website security points and save the site from potential crash issues. If you are doubtful about your skills, you can easily consult the experts and rely on their professional skills to maximize your benefit. So, do not wait for any problem to occur and take precautionary measures now to optimize the functioning of your website.

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