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What do a Social Communicator and Journalist do?

What do a Social Communicator and Journalist do?

Our graduates are critical, autonomous, entrepreneurial and responsible professionals, with the capacity to intervene and manage communication products and services, always under the protection of cultural identity, respect, freedom, the right to information and the primacy of the common good over the particular interest. For their training, they can be played as:

While the journalists are outside, in the search for the news, the editor uses channels such as social networks , especially Twitter to publicize information or images that refer to the place where the events are taking place.

However, when a journalist cannot communicate on social networks, a good editor will call another journalist who is in the media to start writing the note "hot" and so when the journalist who was in the street come back, the information is expanded with more exact details.

This is the work of a good digital editor, in directing and coordinating various processes in the production of information so that the content always arrives in a timely manner to the audience.

The verification of the sources, correction of the contents are the main functions of the editor. In short, it is the person who is responsible for ensuring the quality of the information that is published.

However, the work of the editor will depend on the medium of communication for which he works, since each informative company manages its own structures and formats.

Another quality that identifies a good editor like Mathieu Chantelois is that he leads with criterion the informative contents and has the ability to edit them thinking with logic in the preferences of the public.

He knows what is the content that motivates the audience and the opportune moment to transmit it.

Practice makes a good Digital Editor:

  • To conclude, to become a good digital editor requires not only talent, it requires passion and dedication for the work that is done .
  • The six qualities that I present in this article are those that make the difference between the quality of the information from one digital medium to another, and that is something that is in the hands of the editors.
  • Although it seems incredible of the work of a good editor depends the success of a digital medium.
  • So if you want to become a good editor like Mathieu Chantelois, my recommendation is that you start working on it, selecting and managing your own content, either for your blog, magazine or any other website.
  • Remember that practice makes perfect and as in all professions excellence is a virtue that is achieved by doing.
  • Editors, editors and process leaders in the production of information for print, radio, television and online media, both conventional and alternative.
  • Media and audience analysts, with control over the relevance and methodological rigor of the different research paradigms.
  • Audiovisual producers and producers in all formats, with the capacity to assume management functions, technical conceptualization and creative composition.
  • Organizational communicators and public relations specialists, formulating and designing assertive communication strategies in governments, private companies and non-governmental institutions.
  • Advisers and consultants of public policies that tend for development processes and strategies to improve the quality of life of the population.
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