What Do Travel Agents Actually Do?


Travel agents are supposed to deal with the general public in terms of travelling. They provide their clients with the ultimate travel packages, facilitating them with the visa process, purchasing air tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, food and drinks during the whole vacation.

Travel agents do make their own commissions and sometimes also get to travel with discounts given by the airline, some of the discounts are even given to their clients.

During the vacation they keep themselves updated about their client’s whereabouts in case there may be any issues in documentation or the travel itself. Travel agents can help you find the best travel packages as these travelling packages are made by the agencies they work at. Travel agents literally do everything for their clients travelling. They sort out all the information about the vacation themselves, therefore, opting for a travel agency could be a great option if you planning to travel anytime soon.

Back in the old day’s people had to visit different agencies to book tickets for them. But now you can easily find an online travel agent who though may be working from home might have access to cheaper tickets.

What actually is a travel agent?

They are agents working for people in travel agencies or sometimes in offices. Some people are part timer travels agents to make extra money. Because travel agents make a good amount of money yearly, especially during travel season. Travel agents may work locally as well as internationally.

They are supposed to help plan a vacation under a certain budget. Some people who are travelling for the first time ask for advice from the travel agent to get to know more about the place. And the documents required for travelling.

Travel agents walk you through some of the most complex travel processes and they enjoy their job because they get to build new relationships with people. To become a travel agent, you don’t need a specific degree or masters in travelling but sometimes training to be a travel agent or masters in a certain language is important for better communication. Experience is also needed to depict professionalism during hectic schedules.

Duties of a travel agent:

Travel agents deal with everything related to travel, some of their services include:

  • Planning with clients about the whole vacation. Try to give them advice about the vacation.
  • Help them find what suits them the best.
  • Provide them with tickets, transportations and other services. 
  • Educate them about the documents, culture, weather and rules of the country especially if they are visiting it for the first time.
  • Keep them updated about the flight schedule and inform them of other activities in detail.
  • If they are facing any problems it's the travel agent’s responsibility to solve it. Also Help them with their concern about anything. 
  • If there is any last time changes or issues inform them right away for example flight cancellation or hotel bookings.

When do you need a travel agent?

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for the first time or you are always on the sky a travel agent is always needed. Their job is to provide you with everything during the trip and you don’t even have to worry about a single thing. Most travelers prefer travel agents because they know more about the destination than the clients.

If you are planning on going to a luxury vacation, then you should consider hiring a travel agent.