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What Do You Have To Do To Track Your Credit Card Status?

By December 2018, there were 44.2 million credit cards in India. Since more number of individuals are opting for credit cards every day, financial institutions have simplified the application, and it’s tracking process significantly. Regardless, it is the responsibility of credit card applicants to learn about the steps involved to check credit card status.

Here’s all you need to know about the tracking process.

Steps involved for checking credit card status

Before learning about the ways to check credit card status, one needs to keep a set of information in handy.

Required information

  1. PAN.
  2. Application ID.
  3. 12-digit reference number.
  4. Registered mobile number.
  5. Email-ID.
  6. Date of birth.

Subsequently, applicants must ensure the information they provide is accurate and uniform to obtain accurate results. Next, they should move on to figuring out what steps they have to follow to find out their credit card status.

Steps to follow for tracking the status of credit card

The following highlights both online and offline formats of tracking –

  1. Online process

Step 1 – Visit the official website of the credit card issuer.

Step 2 – Search ‘track application status.’

Step 3 – Enter details like PAN, application ID, registered mobile number, etc.

Step 4 – Click on ‘status.’

By following these steps, credit cardholders would learn about their credit card application status instantly. However, they must provide accurate details to avail the necessary info.

Similarly, existing customers can use the credit card login portal to learn about all their credit card details.

  1. Offline process

Credit card applicants can check their credit card status offline via the customer helpline, through SMS or by visiting the nearest branch of their credit card issuer.

  1. Customer helpline

Applicants can call customer helpline executives of their respective card issuer to learn about their card status. For example, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Supercard comes with a designated toll-free customer service number for credit cardholders. Individuals can call the customer care service at any time to track their card status.

  1. SMS-inquiry

Individuals can learn about their application status via SMS as well. However, they need to figure out the correct SMS format and number to track the status accurately.

  1. Branch visit

As per their convenience, individuals may visit the nearest branch of their card issuer to avail updates about their credit card status. Consequently, they need to carry the requisite documents to provide essential details as required.

Judging by the steps involved in both the online and offline process, it can be easily said that the online process is more convenient. It not only helps obtain vital information quickly but also helps save a considerable amount of time.

However, as a means to further experience a less cumbersome process, individuals can opt for a credit card that comes with quick approval and 24/7 customer assistance. Similarly, they should learn about a few important things before applying for a credit card.

Check these points

Opting for a credit card that includes these features and benefits enables cardholders to make the most of its offerings –

  1. Hassle-free application process.
  2. Quick approval and easy tracking feature.
  3. The option to convert the outstanding amount into affordable EMIs.
  4. The facility to avail a personal loan on the unused credit limit.
  5. Interest-free cash withdrawal from ATM.
  6. Exciting privileges and reward points on a transaction.
  7. Suitable interest rates.

Lastly, it can be said that credit cards with round the clock customer service and quick approval process would prove hassle-free in tracking one’s credit card status.  Also, opting for the online process would further reduce the time consumed. Follow up on these pointers to check your credit card status with ease.

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