What do you need to know before choosing Outplacement Services?

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Outplacement is mainly important when hard economic times because companies can look to downsize or change the way that they structure their company. If times are tough, then it is likely that most companies will wish for this process to take place very quickly so that they can focus on making enough money to survive. Using a specialist Outplacement company like  Career Minds can get this and take the pressure and demands away from the process of making people redundant.

One of the main advantages of bringing in an Outplacement company is that these can provide both practical and psychological support to a large company. A process like this can take a large company a lot of time to complete and lose imperative revenue and employee motivation. The practical support is delivered by discussing with employees and managers to make sure both parties get what they want out of the situation. Practical support can also be given by arranging meetings and managing time effectively. Most Outplacement companies should be able to give qualified careers advice to both employees and people who are leaving the company.

The purpose of an outplacement service is to find the client new roles which work for them as quickly and painlessly as possible. Outplacement consultants a lot of focus in industries these have a lot of experience in - this helps them to have a perspective from both the employers and the candidate's point of view, this can be precious to clients who otherwise can have no such access to the employers. One of the main flaws in the current employment market is it is often employer-led; outplacement services have started to bridge the gap between candidates and jobs and work for the candidates instead of the employers.

Outplacement Companies and What to Look For

These days’ lots of Outplacement Companies in the market, it is important knowing what to look for when choosing one. A good company can provide tailored support to individuals by completing a thorough 'Fact Find' on their background, current position and future aspirations. They can then use their market knowledge to deliver a practical and effective career plan, which can deliver key milestones in the back to work process.

Outplacement should focus on the client's skills, motivations, and experience and enable them to make informed decisions on which career path they want to take. By empowering the client, the Executive Outplacement Consultant is improving client confidence while preparing them for the rigors of the career change or transition process, including high-pressure interviews.


Meetings should be scheduled and reviewed on a regular basis, and it is important that an Outplacement Consultant monitors progress and adjusts their support accordingly.

How to Proceed

  • When choosing an Outplacement Company, a client should make sure they have researched the various offerings out there. Each company can have its own place, and it is advisable to get three different quotes from three different companies and assess which is the best fit for the client's needs. Many companies offer an initial free meeting so that the client can see who they are dealing with and meet them face-to-face to discuss any particular concerns or questions before making a final decision on which company to work with.
  • Once the Outplacement provider is selected, it is recommended that clients ensure they have a number of face-to-face meetings over the period of support (which can be typically 3-6 months in length), have one dedicated Career Consultant and are able to keep in touch with that consultant through email or telephone on a regular basis if needed.

There are many services available for people that have made this decision that can make the whole process a lot less stressful and more structured. Career transition companies can help people get their aims and career aspirations with structured planning and support.

Career planning and target setting are very important for people who want to be successful. It is always useful to have goals in place and to be aware of what you are trying to achieve. Taking time out to evaluate your circumstances can help you to keep focused on your career goals.

These days lots of company is making significant changes to their workforce then it is highly likely that they will need someone to come in and manage the situation effectively. There are many different issues that arise as a result of a company restructuring its organization. For example, any employees that are being made redundant or transferred to another depart need to be briefed and given career advice. Other problems that may arise contain small dispute, communication issues and people having problems adapting to change. The company needs to help after the restructure has taken place as well as before and during the process. Employees need to settle into their new roles, and each department needs to be functioning effectively after the changes have been made.

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