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What does a Dentist do?

Dentistry has changed a lot in recent years. There was a time that who could not study in the only way that existed, which was the Public University, went to exotic countries and returned with the title in his pocket nowadays it is not even necessary, because the local offer is very wide.

Formerly, to be a dentist you had to study Medicine first and then study a Specialty that was Stomatology, hence the dentists of that time are called Stomatologists. From the beginning of the 90's the thing changed when the Bachelor in Dentistry appeared, and in 5 years we left as Dentists, not as a specialty of Medicine, but as something of our own.

The next step was the appearance of Specialties in Dentistry, not yet recognized by legal problems. Dr. Mark Walker dentist would be the one who dedicates himself to patient care in all fields of Dentistry and until a few years ago he treated all the problems of the patient's mouth and teeth health. Dr Mark Walker currently works at Dutton Dentistry, a full service dental office that caters to the family and cosmetic dental needs of area residents. With the appearance of the specialties, people could refer to the specialists dealing with more complex cases or that simply exceeded their capabilities.

Even today many patients are unaware of the existence of these specialties and what each of them deals with. It is necessary with the large number of dental clinics that there is today such as Dentist In batavia to increase the level of information of potential patients so that they can correctly choose how to treat their mouths.

This list illustrates well the current panorama:

General Dentist: General Dentist is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of most problems that arise in the mouth. If you need something else in any field you get in touch with a specialist in one subject or another.

Endodontist: "Endo" means inside. This specialty deals with the problems that appear inside the tooth, where the dental pulp is lodged.

Periodontist: "Perio" means around. It deals with the problems of the gums and bone that surround the tooth. They also take care of the implants because they know very well the structures where they are housed.
Orthodontist: "Ortho" means straight. Logically, these specialists will improve the smile a lot by aligning the teeth with tools such as braces and Invisalign

Odontopediatra: As the name says, would be the "pediatricians of dentists." They specifically deal with problems in the early age

Maxillofacial surgeon: They are doctors with the specialty of Surgery. Treat complex surgery problems (related to the mouth, jaw and related structures)

Implantologists: With the appearance of the implants and their rise, are responsible for putting these substitutes’ teeth.

Medicine Buccal: Medicine Buccal are responsible for "medical" problems that can occur in the mouth as oral manifestations of diseases that affect the body, cancers, etc...

Specialist ATM: Treat the problems of the temporomandibular joint, which joins the jaw to the skull, and is related to problems of stress and bruxism

The General Dentist often acts as the director of an orchestra, because it is the one that carries the weight of a treatment, and the specialists would be like each one of the instruments.

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