What does BFIC Aim to Achieve?


BFIC is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that is changing the crypto world as it progresses. BFIC only has one goal that is to create an independent digital economy that is fully equipped and functional. To achieve this goal BFIC is backed by an ecosystem that consists of multiple projects to enhance BFIC’s utility. BFIC is a project of Innovation Factory, an innovative and smart solution provider. The company is actively building complete financial protocols and ecosystems that will decide the course of digital finances and the economy.

Goal of BFIC 

Most of the new cryptocurrencies prevailing in the market are more or less money-grabbing tactics that end up pulling the rug. A large number of people have suffered because of such cheap tactics, SquidToken being the latest example of a classic rug pull. 

BFIC aims to establish a digital economy that is fully secure and provides all necessary facilities to its holders. The goal is to make sure that BFIC becomes the primary digital payment gateway all over the world. Based on Third-generation Blockchain technology, BFIC combines the unique features of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON. The new triple-layered architecture ensures ultimate immunity, responsive scalability, and lighting fast speed. BFIC is working towards solving the scalability issue that Bitcoin and Ethereum failed to achieve. 

Major Turning Point

BFIC is gaining rapid popularity and acceptance worldwide. The immediate goal is to register BFIC on all major exchanges such as LATOKEN, PancakeSwap, XchangeOn, DIGIFINEX, and United Exchange. Innovation Factory also plans on registering BFIC in New York Exchange by the year 2026. This will be a major turning point for BFIC. 

 BFIC is a high utility coin as it has a powerful ecosystem as its backbone. The ecosystem consists of multiple projects that are being launched gradually. Each project has a different purpose but all of them combined work as BFIC utility boosters. With the help of the ecosystem, BFIC soon will be easily accessible all over the world. 


Future of BFIC Ecosystem

BFIC ecosystem is the future of the digital economy. The ecosystem is designed flawlessly and is inclusive. 16 well-thought projects aid in solving a relevant issue. For example, with BFIC E-Store, you can shop anywhere in the world using BFIC. More than 150 international brands will be included in the store making it one of the biggest E-Store using cryptocurrency as means of payment

Some components of the ecosystem are already near completion while others need more time. All of the components of the ecosystem will help greatly in achieving the set goal of BFIC. The ecosystem comprises of the NFT Games, Custom Investment Plans, Blockchain Development Solutions, Stake-Mining, and much more. The complete ecosystem is as follows:

  • BFIC Network: A Stake-Mining App designed for Smartphone Devices that aims at generating multiple sources of legit income. 
  • XchangeOn: A powerful Crypto Exchange where users can easily buy/sell and trade all cryptocurrencies using BFIC. 
  • Virtual Meet: A Next-Generation Video Conferencing platform designed specifically for crypto investors, leaders, and traders. 
  • BBONDS: The first cryptocurrency-based prize bond in the world. Users can purchase crypto bonds to save Bitcoin while also winning more of it. BBonds will account for 50% of the BFIC supply.
  • 1st Investment: A Custom Investment Plan that allows you to design your own portfolio. It offers liability-free commissions. 
  • Bulleto Smart Contract: Bulleto, the Crypto Making Machine, is a true smart contract that provides maximum benefits to all users, as opposed to other contracts that benefit only the first movers.
  • Insured Trading: World’s First Insured Trading Platform for the traders. 30% of the losses will be reimbursed. BFIC will be used to buy the Insurance Plan. 
  • BFIC Store: First Ever E-Store that uses cryptocurrency and allows you to purchase from a wide range of international brands. 
  • Time2Travel: A platform where you can book tickets with ease using BFIC. Free travel amenities are also offered with every booking. 
  • CryptoCash: The DC protocol will be used to launch BFIC Debit cards in conjunction with Visa and Master. The charge for converting money to cryptocurrency will be deducted in BFIC Coins.
  • XchangeOn DEX: A cutting-edge exchange and trading platform for NFTs, spot trading, and peer-to-peer trading. Open a trading/exchanger account with BFIC and start building your crypto business.
  • TrumpCard: A unique new platform that provides superior trading solutions to cryptocurrency traders in order to improve their trading experience.
  • BlockHub: A dedicated blockchain development platform that provides financial smart contract and blockchain development guidance. 
  • Snake & Ladder – NFT Game: A classic game with a unique NFT twist that provides the opportunity to win major cryptocurrencies.

    The goal of BFIC was to bring the long-forgotten notion of cryptocurrency back to life. The cryptocurrency was created to build a financially self-sufficient digital economy, not merely a money-making gateway. The principle became buried in the shuffle of money-making schemes over time. As a result, BFIC's developers, Innovation Factory, created a whole ecosystem that would soon become the backbone of crypto trading and the digital economy. BFI Coin is a cryptocurrency that combines the features of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TRON to create a powerful cryptocurrency. It is capable of competing with all popular cryptocurrencies.

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