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What does CBD have to do with marijuana? Is it legal and helps with depression?

The names of marijuana, grass, weed, marijuana, and cannabis are familiar to everyone. After smoking, they will be high. After high, they will not only have a good appetite, but also very good training. It is very good to use for decompression, sleep aid or even to replace drinking! Of course I have never eaten in Hong Kong! (Wear a helmet first).

But in fact, cannabis also has many medicinal uses, including anti-inflammatory and pain relief, speeding up metabolism, fighting insomnia, anti-depression, and so on. However, marijuana is an illegal banned product in Hong Kong (for details, please refer to: legalization of marijuana). However, CBD is legal now and is running their CBD business successfully throughout Hong Kong. Many people want to try the magical effects of marijuana, such as stress reduction, sleep aid, joint pain relief, etc., but they don’t want to be high or not Addicted, so CBD---Cannabidiol (hereinafter referred to as CBD) has emerged because of it! HIT has already exploded in foreign countries, and Hong Kong must be prepared to join this craze.

Closer to home, what is CBD?

There are two main ingredients in cannabis plants: THC & CBD. THC is a high ingredient, and CBD is the medicinal ingredient in cannabis! Scientists use advanced technology to extract CBD. (What do you want to know? Technology? OK, initial biomass extraction, winterization, decarboxylation, optimal purity vacuum distillation, pure cannabinoid isolation chromatography), put in carrier oil (former chooses coconut oil), and you can enjoy it! The veritable herbal essence, completely organic!

However, the CBD on the market is not actually extracted from hemp. This time I will introduce — hemp (Han hemp)!!! Hemp? Cooked noodles? That’s right! It's exactly the hemp seed in the herbal tea shop on weekdays. Hemp seed is the seed of hemp. (Zhong Jing will be frightened?) Hemp is the brother of hemp, of the same family, and has been used by the ancients to make hemp rope in ancient times. The difference between hemp and hemp is that the ratio of THC & CBD contained in hemp is different. The proportion of CBD in hemp-wrapped noodles is much higher than that of THC, so it is used to refine CBD oil.

Are hemp and CBD legal?

Do you mean the hemp seed in herbal tea shops is legal? CBD is not regulated by any law in most parts of the world (including Hong Kong). But THC is illegal. THC is a supervised psychoactive substance that affects the nervous state and can produce mental stimulation. Supervised marijuana contains a large amount of THC, which is why regulated marijuana is regarded as a legal drug in many countries. In Hong Kong, according to the law, products that do not contain THC are not defined as cannabis products that are generally subject to supervision.

Therefore, in the process of refining CBD, you must not leave any THC ingredients, and most CBD sellers will provide a lab report to prove that the CBD oil sold is completely THC-free (Of course, Former has it).

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Can CBD relieve depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are on the rise globally, especially in Hong Kong. The rapid pace of life in Hong Kong and high work pressure have caused many people to encounter mental health problems. According to the Hong Kong Mental Health Index Survey 2018, the average mental health score of Hong Kong citizens is 50.20, which is at an unqualified level.

Once suffering from anxiety and depression, unfortunately, it will have a great impact on the daily life of patients, and severe patients may even have suicidal tendencies. Although CBD has not been made into psychiatric drugs by pharmaceutical companies for the time being, studies have pointed out that CBD has good effects in improving anxiety and depression.

What is anxiety? What is depression? Am I suffering?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, anxiety is a normal response to stress, and sometimes it even helps us face crises. However, when anxiety is excessive and unreasonable, it affects our normal living ability, and even when physical discomfort occurs, it is possible to suffer from anxiety.

There are several types of anxiety, each with different symptoms. The most common is generalized anxiety disorder. Common symptoms are restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, tantrums, muscle tension and soreness. In addition to this, there are social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, etc., all of which belong to a kind of anxiety disorder. Some patients will have physical symptoms such as headaches, gastrointestinal problems, various body pains, etc. However, when performing various physical examinations, they will find that their organs are functioning normally, but that the problem is not found to be caused by anxiety. Only when the anxiety disorder is treated, these physical symptoms will be relieved and healed.

Depression is different from anxiety and carries more negative emotions than anxiety. According to the WHO, common symptoms of depression include: loss of interest in things, low mood, loss of appetite, insomnia, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, thoughts of suicide, and so on. The above symptoms generally last for more than two weeks, but the duration and severity vary from person to person. Some patients have intermittent attacks and reach the severity, and some suffer from chronic and long-term depression. But like anxiety, some patients suffer from headaches, stomach pains, and various unidentified pains.

Research on CBD in Anxiety and Depression

Multiple studies have found that CBD can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression. One of the studies found that after taking 25mg of CBD daily for two months in anxiety patients, 78.1% of people’s anxiety symptoms were relieved. Another study found that CBD reduces our feelings of anxiety by reducing the activity of the amygdala on the left side of the brain (the organ that controls anxiety). At the same time, studies have also pointed out that CBD can activate 5HT1A receptors (serotonin receptors), mimicking the pharmacological mechanism of medicinal buspirone (anxiolytic and depression drugs) to reduce the body's response due to stress.

However, CBD oil is not a psychiatric drug and will not have the side effects of psychiatric drugs, and the human body tolerates it more than psychiatric drugs. In addition, it can also protect hippocampal neurons and stimulate nerve regeneration. In addition to alleviating depression symptoms, it is helpful for epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Although CBD has not officially become a drug for anxiety and depression, research results show that CBD is effective in relieving these symptoms, and no serious side effects have been found. I believe it has the potential to bring new hope to patients.

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