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What Does Forget Me Not Symbolize?

Have you ever heard of forget me not flowers? They are the indicator flowers of spring with tiny and asymmetrical petals. Due to its size, the blooms might seem fragile and delicate. However, you should know this beauty carries meaningful messages. Also known as Myosotis, this flower is well-recognized for having shades of blue to violet petals. Fun fact, they also can be found in white, yellow, and even pink petals. Their beautiful appearance and pleasant scent have become the inspiration for various aspects of society. Such as literature and the perfumery world.


  • True Love

For centuries, people have been using flowers as an alternative way to confess love besides through spoken words. You can add forget-me-nots into the list of romantic flowers, along with roses and tulips. Because for a fact, this dainty bloom does carry romantic symbolization along with its beauty. You can express your love and devotion to your loved ones by giving them forget-me-not flowers.

  • Eternal Friendship

Not only known for its romantic symbolic meanings, but this delicate flower could also translate as a sign of trust, loyalty, appreciation, and care. That makes Myosotis suitable as a gift for your surroundings, such as friends and family. You can celebrate your friendship and appreciate their company with this beautiful bloom.

  • Genuine Intention

Forget-me-not flowers represent another meaningful message, which is genuineness and sincerity. Genuine intention is crucial in any shape of relationships. Being someone else's company, friend, and partner, cannot be done half-heartedly. Whether through joyful moments or hardships. Giving this flower could translate as a sign of genuine support and care for your surroundings.


If you take a glance at this beautiful bloom, you might already know the answer. With silk-textured tiny petals and charming scent, of course, forget-me-nots make great cut flowers. This flower is usually mixed with daisies and the baby's breaths to create an innocent atmosphere. However, the possibilities are endless. You can combine this petite bloom with other flowers like roses, carnations, basically anything that suits your preference.

You should try to consider having this flower as decoration for your events. Do not worry, because Myosotis would likely be suitable for any kind of events you could mention. It ranges from simple and private family gatherings or afternoon tea parties. To massive celebratory events like birthday parties and wedding reception, it would fit just perfectly. Decorations play a big part of importance in events. The reason is that it determines the atmosphere of the day, not only for you but also for your guest. That is why decoration is crucial.

For simple gatherings, it would be best for you to choose yellow or white forget-me-nots to create a bright, warm, and friendly atmosphere. Even though the symbolic meanings of this flower are not determined by colors, the color yellow itself is popular for its warmth and positivity. Which makes yellow and white myosotis flowers perfect to support bonding on private occasions.

Meanwhile, for celebratory events, people most likely went for a romantic and elegant aesthetic. Therefore, flowers with pink, violet, and blue petals are favored for this type of event. If you desire your events, such as birthday parties and wedding receptions to be decorated by this delicate beauty, there is nothing to worry about.

You could directly obtain them through same day flower delivery Singapore. For weddings, you can also have a bouquet of forget-me-not flowers as your bridal bouquet. Just like previously mentioned, the flower is a representative of true love.


Belongs to the Boraginaceae family, Myosotis flowers have roughly 200 varieties, and each of them has characteristics that separate one from another. Let's get to know about the differences of myosotis varieties.

  • The One with True Blue Petals, Water Forget-Me-Nots

Just as how as it was mentioned, this variety is famous for having the true and fascinating shade of blue for its petals. Another widely known characteristic of this variety is the shape of its leaves. The shape of its leaves is quite one of a kind as it curled up like the tail of a scorpion. Therefore, this variety of flowers gains another nickname, which is the Scorpion Grass.

  • The Edible Beauty, Wood Forget-Me-Nots

Fun fact, not every single one of myosotis varieties is edible. Most of them could cause health problems to humans and could severely harm animals. However, wood forget-me-not or also known as myosotis sylvatic is surely an exception. You can add this flower to your cake or tea as decoration as it is safe to be consumed.

  • The Flower of Nature, Alpine Forget-Me-Nots

Some variety of forget-me-nots demands a specific environment and condition to grow and bloom. However, this variety is known to be quite adaptive to its environment. While some variety requires sandy soil to grow, Alpine forget-me-not flowers could grow even on rocky surfaces. As long as the plant receives the amount of sun it needed, there is nothing you have to worry about regarding the growth of this flower of nature.

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