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What does it take to live a healthy life?

To have a healthy life, it takes much more than just a good diet and physical exercise! According to the World Health Organization – the WHO – we define health as mental, physical and social well-being , much more than just the absence of disease etc.

In this article, we want to emphasize the importance of healthy living – how it can make a difference in a stressful routine where you think you don't have time for anything. However, remember that there are no rules to be followed to maintain their physical, mental and social well-being, this goes a long way towards the choices and options that the person wants to make for their life.

What are the benefits of healthy living?

There are several benefits we can have when we live healthy – we prevent a lot of illnesses, we keep ourselves within weight, we make physical activity a regular practice.

What many end up not realizing is that with a healthy routine, we are reducing health care costs – whether in private consultations, surgeries, medications, health plans and others. Plus, we save our time waiting in lines at the Ever Lasting Health Center services!

How to have a healthy life?

Okay, we've shown you some benefits, we've talked about why you should opt for a healthy practice. But after all, how can we do all this? Here are some fundamental topics for achieving the ideal healthy life.


For a balanced diet, we cannot forget about carbohydrates – which are pasta, potatoes, breads and among others – fats – oils, avocados, oilseeds etc. – and the famous proteins – eggs, chicken, red meat, fish etc.

In addition, we cannot forget the micronutrients, which are vitamins and minerals – present in various fruits, vegetables, vegetables and others. We can also include fiber, which is the non-digestible parts of plant foods, and which resist digestion and intestinal absorption – whole foods, fruits and vegetables are rich in them!

In order to have a balanced diet, it is important that it be varied and that it contains all food groups. Following the concept of food variability suggests having at least 30 foods. Remembering that food products, such as sausages, stuffed biscuits, among others, cannot be included in the diet!

Furthermore, we cannot forget about water – an essential component for the transport of nutrients in the body and for hydration. The guideline is to drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight per day, which is equivalent to about two or three liters of water a day.


  • Never go without food;

  • Enjoy the food, don't be in a hurry;

  • Choose natural foods;

  • Avoid too much sweets and carbohydrates;

  • Set some weekly goals to get into the rhythm;

  • Combine food every week;

  • Introduce fruit as a dessert option;

  • Eat up to 5 meals a day;

  • Chew well;

Mental health

Often, when we talk about mental health, we automatically think of mental illness – however, mental health implies much more than the absence of illness.

It is difficult to maintain constant mental health as there will always be periods when we will be more stressed about something, more sad or anxious and this is completely normal. Mental health is related to how a person reacts to the demands of life and how desires, feelings, events, capacities, emotions and others are harmonized.

To have mental health, it is necessary to recognize that human beings have limits and seek help when necessary; it is being good with yourself and with others who are part of your daily life; it is knowing yourself; knowing how to accept the obstacles and demands of life and, mainly, knowing how to deal with good and unpleasant emotions.

To maintain the harmonious state of your mental health is very simple, just keep good habits; reserve leisure time; accepting yourself and other people with their limitations; keep a positive feeling about yourself; avoid the use of drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

Sleep quality

In order to get a good night's sleep and make the most of the day, the standard recommendation is to get 8 hours of sleep a day. However, with a busy routine, the average number of hours people are sleeping is 6 to 8 hours on weekdays and 7 to 8 hours on weekends.

When we deprive ourselves of sleep, we experience some unpleasant and even serious health conditions – such as the development of diabetes, depression, obesity, kidney disease and a compromised immune system.

Waking up jumping out of bed can be a bad habit – the body is still waking up, so you should follow this process. Stretch and stretch slowly for at least 1 minute, this helps your muscles and prepares your body for the start of the day.

Some important tips for getting a good night's sleep:


When you go to sleep, go for a bed - straighten the sheets and get a comfortable blanket. Oh, and don't forget to turn off the light and keep the room cool. Generally, falling asleep to the sound of rain or white noises can make it easier.

Beware of food

It is important to avoid eating or drinking – with the exception of water – before going to bed. Often, eating, drinking coffee or drinking alcohol before bedtime can negatively interfere with sleep.


Prefer to wake up and go to sleep every day at the same time – even on weekends. This helps to establish a more concise rhythm for the body.


The practice of physical exercise helps to maintain healthy levels of melatonin and cortisol - one helps the body to go into a state of drowsiness and the other is responsible for giving energy to the body. Establish at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise a day!

Physical activity


Everyone knows that physical activity can bring several health benefits, in addition to improving the body's functioning. But what many end up forgetting is that exercising should not be seen just as a hobby, but as a habit for life.

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