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What Does Private Health Insurance Cover for Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone from the mom-to-be to family members anxiously awaiting the newest bundle of joy. That's why it's important to have a health plan that can afford a little more peace of mind for pregnant women. While Medicare and Medicaid do afford certain prenatal care, a private insurance policy can do even more for new moms. Here are a few of the things that private health insurance will provide you and your family.

You can choose your doctor

You may have asked yourself, what does private health insurance cover for pregnancy? Perhaps the greatest benefit of this health insurance coverage is that you get to pick your doctors. Being able to choose your own obstetrician and have them provide ongoing support through your pregnancy is a huge comfort factor for expectant mothers. Within the public system, it's not uncommon to see whichever doctor is available when you walk in the door. This leads to an inability to build a comfortable relationship with a trusted medical professional.

Private health insurance is a worthwhile investment if you need more than what the public health system provides. In the public system, you'll get a 12- and 20-week scan, but ultrasounds only happen after that if there's a medical concern. Many parents who opt for private insurance also like the ability to get health care services more quickly, such as ultrasounds or consultations with a gynecologist. The little touches matter leading up to childbirth for some people.

You can have more protection than through Medicare.

As mentioned, Medicare does accommodate some health care services for moms-to-be. However, more is covered under the umbrella of a health policy through a qualified insurance company. Covers differ with each level of private insurance coverage, as well as the insurance companies providing the plan. Typically, a full pregnancy cover can provide:

  • Hospital accommodation
  • Theatre and labor ward fees
  • Intensive care before and after childbirth
  • Access to the special care nursery provided you are on a family or single parent cover
  • Hospital-administered pharmaceuticals
  • Medicare Benefit Schedule fees
  • Hotel accommodation

You may be curious about hotel accommodation. Yes, some private health insurance policies account for a place for your family members to stay close by once your baby arrives. It's important to remember that a private individual plan still has a 12-month waiting period, so it's best to invest in a private insurance policy as soon as possible to make sure it can take effect as you await childbirth.

You might be able to access better accommodations and facilities.

A private insurance plan not only allows expecting mothers to choose their obstetrician, but it can also help them choose where they get their pregnancy services. Health care coverage through a private plan offers access to hospital facilities that are important to you. For example, you may want to have your child in the same hospital you were born in. A private health plan makes it easier to get these delivery services where you prefer to have them. The accommodations you can take advantage of vary in capacity from a high special care nursery for complications to just having a private room.

Private health insurance also affords postpartum services, ranging from mental health benefits by some providers to accessing sleep school to get a new mother and their newborn on the regimen that works for everyone. Be sure to explore the health care marketplace to see if there is private insurance coverage that can best suit your needs as a mom-to-be. Keep in mind, you will have the safety net of the public health care system, but consider the numerous advantages a private insurance policy will afford you down the line.

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