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TFT stands for the thin-film transistor: this is an up to date type of flat-screen also known as an LCD. Basically, in a thin film transistor, the pixels are controlled in quite different ways. These are usually controlled by one to four transistors. This is the most expensive sort of flat screen which without a doubt provides a better resolution from all the other flat-screen modules. Moreover, a TFT display screen is also termed as an active-matrix LCD.

One thing is clear, the modern environment and living standards of today are well-defined with the help of these optical displays. Furthermore, this technology of TFT display screens requires a very less amount of power because of the transistors, as they are kept small. Apart from this, a TFT screen can provide sharp display images. But they have a problem of poor viewing angles. The user might have to sit on the head of the screen to get a better display or experience of the device. If the user is viewing the image from the side angle, he or she can face difficulty as the image may seem poor.

Working of a TFT module

Row and column formats are used to configure the pixels on a TFT display screen. Moreover, the further process is that those pixels are then connected to an amorphous silicon transistor ASM. Each pixel is attached separately that then rests on the glass panel of the screen. This whole setup is done so that the pixels can be provided with a charge separately and then the charge can be kept for the pixels to generate a totally new image when the screen is refreshed.

The reason why TFT display screens are considered to be active matrix LCD and opposed to a passive matrix is that from the implementation of this particular setup even a single pixel’s state can be actively maintained while the rest of them are being used.

Use of TFT display screens

These thin-film transistors TFTs are usually used in the manufacturing of cheap or low-end smartphones, feature cell phones and even in the manufacturing of simple cell phones. However, this technology is also being used in the manufacturing of TVs and monitors. The use of TFT display screens is not just restricted to these mentioned devices, this technology is being used in many other applications that are not mentioned here. Learn more about TFTs here.

Benefits of a TFT display screen

One cannot conclude everything from the way a product looks. For proper judgment, the working of the product must be seen. The main benefit of having a TFT display screen is that it consumes very little energy even if you are dealing with bigger screens. Obviously, less energy consumption means that less electricity would be used and as a result, you will be able to reduce the cost. Apart from this major benefit, the image quality of this screen is very sharp and does not has any sort of distortion. Having a good response time and an appealing physical design are two additional benefits of a TFT display screen.

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