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What Features to Look for in a Top Quality Stethoscope?

When we talk about the healthcare industry, there is one piece of equipment that acts as a symbol for the profession of doctors and other medical practitioners, and that is a ‘stethoscope’. A stethoscope is not new in the medical profession; it is as old as 200 years old. The right stethoscope gives a doctor the better benefit of checking patients and getting the accuracy of heartbeats. 

It is Important to Choose a Fine Machine to Check Patients Easily

A top quality stethoscope is not the one that just gets your work done, but it should be able to last long when you visit a long list of patients throughout the day. Other than this, there are many other features that you should look for in a top quality stethoscope. We have enlisted those features below, have a look at them. 

  • Check its durability: The durability of a stethoscope can be checked by looking at the product information by searching it online. Medical practitioners who use stethoscopes very well know what material to look for in a durable stethoscope. The durability of a top-quality stethoscope is determined by various factors such as sturdiness of the chest piece, design of the headset, and how flexible and durable is the tubing material.
  • Check its airtightness: A good quality stethoscope is one that is completely airtight. You can this by performing a simple technique. Turn on your chest piece and put the ear tips in your ears and place a finger over the bell hole of the chest piece. Now put slight pressure on the diaphragm of the chest piece. While performing this action, if you didn’t experience any pressure in your ears that means the stethoscope is not completely airtight. And if you felt pressure in your ears that means the airtightness of the stethoscope is perfectly fine.
  • Look for a versatile stethoscope – Medical profession involves visiting a variety of patients; you might have to visit young or old patients, kids or mature ones, all with different kinds of body frames. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a dual-head stethoscope which is more versatile in nature.
  • Hygienic: As a medical practitioner, you will be dealing with lots of patients in a day and those patients might be having lots of microbes and viruses on their bodies. When you use a stethoscope to check them, microbes and viruses will easily catch a ride on your stethoscope. That’s why you must look for a top quality stethoscope that can be sterilized and cleaned regularly to prevent the spread of infection. Stethoscopes that are made from chromed brass are hygienically better and safe than the ones made from stainless steel. This is important especially in the case of treating patients during the pandemic.
  • Ergonomic design: Although it seems a very simple thing, it’s worth considering as you will be using this piece of equipment for most time of your day hanging around your shoulders. A good stethoscope should have a durable design with soft ergonomically shaped ear tips.
  • Check its sound quality: The last feature that you must look for in a top quality stethoscope is its sound quality. A stethoscope is used to hear the sound of the patient’s internal body, so it needs to deliver optimum quality of sound. It must include a dual-membrane chamber that will amplify both the low and high sound frequencies. Along with this, it should also block the background noise to let you clearly hear the patient’s body.

So, these are the features that you must look for in a top quality stethoscope. Remember, this is an important piece of equipment that is used at the first attempt while examining a patient’s body. So, it needs to be of high-quality and great precision.

Zoe Sewell
Zoe Sewell
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