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What Features You Should Check While Purchasing a CCTV Camera?

Choosing the right CCTV system is one of the crucial decisions you make for your home or office. A CCTV system ensures the safety and security of your family members and employees at home and workplace. Therefore, you must never take choosing a CCTV system lightly. To put it simply, you need a highly robust and durable CCTV solution that fully secures the sensitive premises. For this, all you need to do is to look into few features that a CCTV system offers.

1- The CCTV Must Be From a Reputed Company:

The first that you have to ensure before buying any CCTV is if it is a product of a reputed company. Reach out to a certified CCTV camera provider to buy a camera of your requirement. Buying a cheap CCTV camera from an uncertified brand costs us a lot in the long run. Such CCTV cameras are neither durable nor offer good storage and resolution. You can find lots of reputed companies for CCTV systems Manchester.  Such companies offer after-sale services and warranty. The services may cover the installation and maintenance in the future. For this particular reason, you must ensure that your CCTV camera is a product of a certified company.

2- Recording Storage: 

Once you finalize the company from where you are buying the CCTV, deep check its other features, which are the determiners of security and safety. First off, check the recording storage of the camera because you will not need a camera that has a limited storage space. If you get a CCTV with limited space, there are chances it may stop recording in the middle of a crucial situation. In fact, you need a camera that keeps its eye and records it 24/7 hours. Therefore, check the storage of CCTV before you buy in one go.

3- Resolution: 

The next significant feature of a CCTV is its quality and output resolution. A CCTV must have at least a favourable resolution that helps in clearly identifying faces at long distance. Analogue CCTV cameras can provide HD quality, offering up to 1080 p resolution. Most IP cameras use 2MP or 4MP to offer the best resolution. So, whether you opt for an analogue or IP CCTV camera, make sure you buy one with a quality output resolution.

4- Day and Night Recording: 

A CCTV camera must be alert and paying extreme attention to its surrounding in a 24-hour cycle. You cannot exempt anytime from its monitoring because an intruder can break into the house at any hour and any minute. A CCTV that is unable to record in dim light or dark is of no use because it is commonly the night time when the burglars intrude when the whole world is asleep.

When buying a CCTV camera, you have two options. First, the standard daytime CCTV camera, which switches to recording black and white during the night. These cameras are preferable at places where there is a possibility of at least little light at night. Second, a CCTV camera with infrared light. The light within the cameras enables them to pick up images even in the dark.

5- Remote Access: 

Last but not least, the feature that you must definitely look for in a CCTV is whether it offers remote access or not. The avid technology enables the cameras to provide them access to control and monitor CCTVs through an app from anywhere in the world. It is a very crucial feature that makes you free of the stress of security of your belongings and family members when you are away.


A CCTV camera is one of the crucial safety and security gears. But buying the wrong CCTV will not only be a waste of money but jeopardize your safety. So, you must get a camera that has all the features to ensure robust safety.

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