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What happens in an addiction rehab program

Addictions are extremely harmful to the individual as well as to their families. Following the diagnosis of an addict it is important to get him under treatment. Herein come the rehabilitation centres which are made specifically for people suffering from different kinds of addictions. A drug rehab is the process of weaning a person from his dependency on substances like cocaine, cannabis, heroin, prescription drugs and alcohol. The aim is to stop the substance abuse and make the patient realise his dependency on drugs or alcohol. At the best rehab centre in pune, patients are offered counselling and medication to battle the depression. 

Experiencing the rehab

A trip to the rehab can be quite scary because you are trying to kick the habit and adopt to a sober life. Any drug rehabilitation centre in Pune has to be entered by choice and not by compulsion. The patient must want to get rid of the habit and enter a better life. Many of the centres do not have locks on the doors because it is useless to keep someone forcibly in the centre. It is pointless to enter such a program and then run away to take drugs and drink alcohol again. 

Detoxing is the first step forward in the best rehab centre in pune. Many facilities have an inhouse patient detoxification while others insist the patient to complete the detoxification process and then come. The transition period is a brief one of maximum seven days. 

Counselling at rehab

The rehab facility can be according to the kind of payment you can offer or your insurance can support. But what is most important is the kind of rehab program and the success rate. The main idea behind a reform program is getting the patient to accept the seriousness of the addiction and how it almost ruined his or her life. That is the first step towards correction of the problem. Unless the addict looks at the problem with complete honestly there is no way that any change can be started. In the initial stages many people deny that they should quit the habit and were wrong in getting into it in the first place. The addicts are also taught regarding how alcoholism works on the body and what happens if the usage continues.    

The counselling sessions also include group counselling as well as individual ones. These sessions at drug rehabilitation centre in Pune are important for the recovery of the addicts because they teach how you can stay without alcohol or drugs and engage yourself in your daily life. You will also be taught the circumstances which can lead to renewed addiction and how it can be avoided. These are coping skills that every addict has to learn in order to begin a new life after being released from the rehabilitation facility. The sessions are designed to make the addicts free enough to seek support and stop themselves from falling prey to more addiction. 

Once the rehabilitation program is over then the addicts will still have to be in touch with their counsellors. They will continue to offer suggestions and steps in which you can stay away from addiction. 

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