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What is a Batch Freezer and Where to buy it?

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Ice-creams, Yoghurt, Custard, Gelato and many more delectable desserts have been satisfying our sweet tooth for a long time. Ever wondered how these melt-in-mouth frozen creations were made? While the chef might be pulling off a lot of hard work, a wonderful machine, known as the Ice Cream Batch Freezer works wonders behind the stage. Thanks to this marvelous machine that gives the ice-cream and other frozen desserts their consistency, texture, flavor, and quality. If you are going to start an ice-cream parlor or a restaurant and are looking to buy a new or used industrial ice cream machine, then this blog post is a must read!

Here is all you need to know about the batch freezer and where you can find a good deal to buy it.

What is a Batch Freezer Anyway?

In the simplest of words, ice-cream batch freezers utilize a ‘base’ which is essentially a liquid product mix of the required dessert. The machine freezes this base with desired consistency for a refreshing and smooth dessert. Ice cream batch freezers are commonly employed to produce large quantity batches of Gelato, Custard, Ice-creams, Sherbet and even sorbets. Batch freezers can be rightly classified as the industrial ice cream machines simply because of their volume output.

Typically, a small ice cream maker used at homes can only utilize a small amount of liquid base to product a few ounces of dessert. While a batch freezer of the smallest capacity will produce somewhere around a 5-6 gallons of the dessert of smooth, creamy and fine consistency per hour.

What are the types of Batch Freezers?

In the industrial machinery market, you will find batch freezers on either the basis of a type of cooling or the purpose. On the basis of purpose, 4 types of ice cream batch freezers are available;

  • Multi-purpose Batch Freezer
  • All-in One
  • Open Vertical Configuration
  • Regular Horizontal Configuration

Then, on the basis of cooling-type, 2 types of batch freezers are available;

  • Water cooled Ice cream Batch Freezer: As the name suggests, this type of batch freezer uses water to cool down its essential components (Majorly compressor). Water-cooled batch freezers are more energy efficient and produce high quality products.
  • Air cooled Ice cream Batch Freezer: It utilizes forced air on the compressor to cool it down. Air cooled freezers are less energy efficient and might sometimes result in poor product quality in terms of consistency. 

Working of a Batch Freezer

The major component of an ice cream batch freezer is the Compressor. The job of the compressing unit is to compress Freon, a cooling gas to a point where it liquefies. The liquefied gas is then circulated to the pipes with the help of a pump and several valves.

These pipes carrying liquid Freon are coiled or wrapped around a large Barrel inside the machine. It is this barrel where the liquid base is poured. This is where the main action happens. As soon as the base is poured into the barrel, it starts cooling. The base is constantly whipped through a set of plastic blades running at a constant speed.

The purpose of this agitation is to remove the frozen air bubbles from the mix, and to scrape the base mix from the walls. This mixed air in the mixture is known as the ‘Overrun.’ Usually, batch freezers have an Overrun of 30-40% depending upon the machine’s design. The whipping blades keep the mix from crystallizing too much to ensure consistency and smooth finish of the product.

Barrel blades are made up of special plastic so as to avoid any chemical reaction with the liquid mix. Batch freezers come with temperature control, blade speed control, and different processing capacities for barrels suited to your needs.

Where to find a Batch Freezer?

It is a rational move to purchase a used industrial ice cream machine if you are starting the business for the first time. Machinery World offers you a range of carefully selected Ice cream batch freezers that are as good as new. You get quality products at much better prices. Get started today!

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