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What Is A Car Service And What Does It Include?

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As you already know how important it is to go to a doctor for a checkup in order to make sure everything is running smoothly. Just like that, your car also needs regular checkups. Cars are designed in such a way that manufacturers set out a service schedule for it which will keep the car running reliably and safely.

What is Car Service?

Car service means taking care of your car along with wearing and tearing of its parts and fluids. While car services in NSW also differ depending on your vehicle model. Don't just go to any repair workshop for your BMW repair work, Dealer Service Alternative uses only certain premium quality oils and materials However, car servicing can involve up to 50 or more components and system checks and adjustments that include:

  • Changing engine oil
  • Replacing engine oil filter
  • Checking of lights, tires, exhaust, and operation of brakes and steering
  • Tuning of engine
  • Checking hydraulic and coolant fluids
  • Checking the cooling system along with radiator, pumps, and hoses
  • Steering alignment
  • Battery condition and much more.

Why Should You Have Your Car Service Done?

Vehicle inspection in Australia is generally done on the state basis. This means each state has the authority to set its own laws pertaining to vehicle inspections. For instance, North South Wales has a special pink slip inspection test that signifies that your vehicle is roadworthy.

So, if you want to service your BMW in NSW and get your pink slip inspection done then visit your nearest Foxman Auto as they make your car go through simple, quick and rigorous tests.

Servicing Can Save You Money


It is believed that a healthy or serviced car will tend to be more affordable to run than those which aren’t. That is because its engine and components are running at their most effective level, this way it will make your car more fuel efficient thus saving you some bucks.

Cheap Repairs

Taking care of small problems and repaired caused to the car at an early stage is often far cheaper than leaving a problem to worsen, resulting in a much larger and more costly repair. For example, if you haven’t change the oil for long and still run the car then it can break the engine which is far costlier than just changing the oil.


If you take care of your car and service it at regular intervals then it will have a longer life expectancy.

Resell Value

If you are having a full and thorough service history then it can help you command a better price for your car when it comes to selling.


Having a full-service history could also improve its valuation figure. If you have an accident and your car isn’t repairable and needs to be replaced then your insurer can use your car’s service history to estimate its pre-accident value.

You Cannot Do it Yourself

As the cars available today are complex and computerized and most car owners today simply don’t have the tools or skills necessary to complete a full service safely and effectively. These cars have electronic control units and electronic fuel injectiors that makes it easier to tune up and keep the car in shape. This can only be done if you have the right type of equipment. Generally, car owners don’t have such type of instruments means to get the job done right, it is best to trust in the experience and skills of a good mechanic.

Could Save Your Life

There are a number of checks that you should make being a car owner. However, not everyone checks their tires before every motorway journey. People tend to rely on cars without thinking and often get lazy when it comes to its safety checks and maintenance. Safety is a major concern to have your car check regularly as it could also save your life.

How Long Does a Service Take?

However, it is best to ask your car mechanic how long they need it, but here is a quick guide, depending on the type of service:

Interim Service

This is a less extensive service. It is intended to be carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles which take around 1.5-2 hours.

Full Service

Full service is a comprehensive service which is carried out every 12 months or 12000 miles and should take around 3-5 hours to complete.

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