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What is a Community Cloud and its significance for organizations

What is a Community Cloud and its significance for organizations 558de5e3

Intention of non-profit organizations to create a single portal for communication between employees, clients, or partners made specialists think about finding an effective solution. Capabilities of Salesforce Community Cloud made it possible to solve this issue and save important resources for other purposes.


Beginning of creating a single portal for communication, involvement of programmers and other specialists was a must. This strategy made it possible to achieve the necessary result, but the cost of implementing the platform was not always affordable for small non-profit organizations.


Nowadays, getting rid of this mess is easier than ever. Integration of a reliable and convenient tool requires as little time as possible. The cost of implementing the platform is more than affordable, without no involvement of third-party specialists required. Thus, it is possible to save human and financial resources.

What is Salesforce communities for non-profit organizations

Using ready-made software enables you to solve several tasks at once. First, the introduction of introducing the cloud community has a positive impact on communication efficiency between employees from various departments. Community administrators can create common channels of communication between departments and regulate activities of each of them.


Second, the main benefits of using Salesforce are used to communicate with other people involved in the organization’s activities in one way or another. These include partners, volunteers, and candidates. Such a communication channel allows you to optimize the cooperation between the organization and those involved in doing good.

However, the advantages of the platform do not end here. The following continues the list:


  1. Rapid development. Portal integration in non-profit organizations used to take several months. Nowadays, this process is much shorter. You can implement and assess its usage efficiency within 30 days.

  2. Affordable price. Since it is possible to exclude customized development, which leads to additional costs, the implementation price is more than acceptable. The community administrator provides user support, so there will be no difficulties.

  3. Mobile app. When developing the platform, the administrators can create a plan for implementing the tool and using its functions via mobile devices. The involvement of Advanced Communities specialists will undoubtedly speed up this already fast process.


Use Salesforce community builder to customize your Community Cloud and integrate it easily. A user-friendly interface will significantly simplify its implementation, with its use by employees and customers being not difficult at all regardless of the selected device.

The key benefits of communities 

You can integrate Community Cloud not only to simplify communication between employees, partners, and volunteers. The implementation of the tool is also necessary to optimize the management of cooperation with suppliers and online suppliers. This feature is useful for those who don’t want to waste time and resources due to insufficient information.


In this case, the advantages of Community Cloud are as follows:


  • free access of employees to the transactions planned and completed;

  • convenient cost planning based on requirements and capabilities of the organization;

  • differentiation of business activities aimed at optimizing key processes.


By implementing the tools, you can get access to data and view a complete picture of the current situation. To do this, the built-in integration is used or a personalized space for the smooth system operation is created. This enables you to synchronize data from multiple sources and view the situation from all points of view.


To get the right idea about what is Salesforce communities, one needs to understand that information related to the organization’s activities will be available at any time. Employees will be able to find options for providing the top-quality services by studying reviews.

Peculiarities of community portals

Modern technologies are applied for the benefit of non-profit organizations. Analyzing and making up an effective plan for future activities largely depends on the software applied. The introduction of new cooperation methods and communication allows you to gain experience that contributes to the organization’s success.


Community Cloud is used as an element of a marketing strategy. Interaction with partners and volunteers, which took a long time to optimize, will undoubtedly improve. For this, you should allow consumers to independently find useful and up-to-date information.


Partner consultants help you use the available benefits of communities. Thanks to them, it is much easier to configure and optimize your work. Consulting is a popular service that will enable you to use the platform’s capabilities to the full.


Enabling surveys, providing reports in a format convenient for the organization, as well as sharing ideas is available by involving these specialists. For additional information about other peculiarities of Salesforce in the cloud, visit: https://advancedcommunities.com/salesforce-community-cloud-consulting/

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