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What is a Coworking Space in Melbourne?

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You may have heard a lot of buzz over the years about ‘coworking spaces’ in Melbourne, also known as ‘serviced offices’ or ‘business centres’. Ever since they were first conceived back in 2005, coworking spaces have revolutionised how companies work and conduct their business. And not just companies but also entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and even larger corporations. So, what is a coworking space in Melbourne?

* The ‘Airbnb’ of the Workplace

The genius of a coworking space lies in its simplicity. Instead of signing up into a rigid and expensive lease with a real estate, coworking spaces are rented by businesses for as long as they need the space for. They also have options to choose from, such as renting private offices, shared working spaces, hot desking or virtual offices if they are working from home.

But what are the benefits?

* More Bang for your Buck

The first major benefit is that coworking spaces in Melbourne are fully serviced with facilities and amenities that are ready to be used from the moment a business moves in. These services include a highly advanced IT infrastructure, high-speed internet, mail handling services, professional corporate reception, a technical support team on-site and much more. There are also fully serviced facilities that businesses will have access to such as premium training, board and meeting rooms, private offices and business lounges.

What about if a company is moving in with their own staff?

* A flexible Work Environment

A coworking space in Melbourne is designed with flexibility and productivity for staff in mind. To ensure a comfortable work environment, coworking spaces have outdoor breakout areas and modern kitchens fully serviced with selections of tea, barista-style coffee machines and filtered water. Each building has been designed to provide maximum natural lighting for a calming atmosphere and provides inspiring views of the CBD skyline from each window. There are also shower facilities, on-site car parking and storage lockers available.

But wouldn’t sharing an office space be distracting?

* The Power of Collaboration

What would seem as a distraction is actually a benefit. Humans are at their best when they are collaborating with one another, which is exactly what coworking spaces promote. There are usually monthly events held on-site such as social gatherings on a Friday afternoon, workshops with a focus on upskilling and talks from industry professionals. Working alongside like-minded professionals is the ideal situation to expand one’s network of contacts and gain new perspectives.

* Front-row seat to the action

Coworking spaces are typically located in prestigious locations such as the Melbourne CBD. This is ideal for businesses that want to be located in prime areas such as the financial district or the high-end retail sector without being tied down to a lengthy lease contract. This provides a major advantage to entrepreneurs and start-ups that don’t have large spending budgets.

Coworking spaces are the new way to conduct business. Search online for a coworking space Melbourne to find a suitable plan that meets your needs today!

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