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What is a Letter of Intent for Graduate School?

If you are applying for a grad school, you would know that ever grad school requires a letter of intent at the time of admission. It is required at all the graduate schools across the world. The letter of intent is also commonly known as the statement of purpose. However, keep in mind that personal statement is a bit different from the statement of purpose. Mostly, personal statement is required at the time of admission in bachelor programs. On the other hand, letter of intent or statement of purpose is required for admissions at grad schools and post graduate admissions.

In the statement of purpose you are supposed to mention your purpose of aiming to get admission in the respective school or program. Additionally, the committee also wants to know your plans for working in the field in future and why exactly do you think said school is the best for you. If you are applying for admission in a research based study level like M.Phill or PhD, your statement of purpose must mention details about your research skills and interests in the field. At a professionally focused program e.g. the MPP and MBA the statement must focus on your professional skills and abilities.

How to write a letter of intent?

Instead of looking for the format of statement of purpose, you must be looking at the essential components of the statement which must be added at all costs to make sure the committee gets what it is expecting from your letter. You can also take professional assistance from any fast essay writing service to write your statement of purpose. Otherwise, following are the important components of the letter.

Research and professional interests

Talk about your interests in the research and professional field of the program. The committee wants to know where your interests lie as that will directly impact the reputation of the school. Make sure to talk about your best research and professional interests.

Background proficiency

Explain your background and how exactly it qualifies you for the program or school. Graduate school is obviously a major step and the admission committee wants to make sure that all the applicants are perfectly suited for the program and would also add value to the prestige of their institute.

Track record of success

Mention all your achievements throughout your academic life till this point. Be specific and make sure the best of the information about each success is being put out on the letter to create a huge positive impact on the reader. A successful candidate will obviously be the best choice for all the schools and it would be a mistake to not mention your achievements.

Your passion for the field

Talk about your passion for the field you are applying for. Mention all the things that excite you regarding being in the respective field and working for it in the future. Passion for research in the field must be mentioned as well to show the admission committee that you will prove to be a great alumnus.

Your reason to select the respective school

There are many schools and definitely competitors of the said school too. However, your reason to select the specific school will tell the admission committee how exactly you pursue their institute and its place in the educational world. It will also prove them why they should choose you over all the other candidates.

The letter of intent is an essential and critical requirement of admissions in all the grad schools. You must be extra careful while writing it. Discussed above are all the important components of the letter or you must opt for professional help!

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