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What is a Mobile Proxy and Why You May Need One?

Have you ever noticed how quickly you start getting advertisements for the product you just discussed with a family member? Or

Googled something randomly and start getting invites on Facebook, Instagram, or other social sites for pages similar to your search?

Does that make you wonder how fast internet sites are collecting your data and personal information?

If this privacy breach over the internet bothers you, the simplest solution to cater to this problem is by using a Mobile proxy.

Mobile proxies are life savers when it comes to maintaining confidentiality while using different social media platforms. It serves several benefits but before diving into its advantageousness, let’s learn what a mobile proxy is and how it functions.

What is a Mobile Proxy?

Every device has an IP (Internet Protocol) address that contains information of the user like real name and location. Once the device is connected to any network and requests to access websites, the particular network shares the IP address of the user with those website domains in exchange for data requested by the device’s user.

This direct connection allows internet domains access to your personal information via device’s data which often becomes risky amidst the increasing cybercrime ratio.  To avoid this exchange of information, Mobile Proxies are used.

A proxy acts as a shield between your personal information and the websites you are maneuvering by masking your identity. By using Mobile Proxy, your real identity remains invisible, and you access the internet with an entirely different user interface and host address.

Why You May Need a Mobile Proxy?

Besides hiding the user’s identity, it serves other beneficial purposes as well. Keep scrolling to know the perks of using a Mobile proxy. 

  • You can bypass censorships 

Often government of some countries, private institutions, or other controlling bodies restrict information access for particular areas, which is known as censorship policy. Hence users with IP addresses locating in those areas face difficulty in sourcing the information.  

If you are a research student requiring data from multiple resources or your job is to gather information online from different mediums, censorship policies may hinder your performance by limiting your browsing access. A mobile proxy in this situation enables you to get unlimited internet access without any restriction by hiding your IP address. 

  • You can abandon the intrusive Ad Verification

Social media sites use ads under the banner of digital marketing. When users click on these ads, their personal information gets revealed. You can ditch these ads by running a mobile proxy on your device.

A proxy will help you in hiding your username and exact location by assigning your device a different IP address. This way, you need not worry about any confidentiality breach via those ads. 

  • Lowers your chances of being tracked

Several crimes have been reported where victims were tracked down via their IP addresses. Monitoring the online presence of people with the help of their internet connection and device data has become very common these days. The Internet has become a viable source for hackers, pedophiles, bullies, and other criminals to catch their prey. 

A mobile proxy server limits your chances of being monitored by hiding your actual information, which lessens your risk of being a victim of digital deceitfulness. 

  • Saves you from Cybertheft

Often some websites ask for your bank account and debit/credit card details, making you vulnerable to cyber theft. If your device’s data and information are known, your passwords, identity, and other sensitive information are at risk of being stolen or hacked. 

Mobile proxy masks your personal information and decreases your chances of falling into the cybercrime trap.  

How to get Mobile Proxy?

For common household use, you can download and install a proxy server for free or use it online every time you open your browser; however, for professional use, such as educational or business purposes, a legal proxy providing agency may help you better. 

One of the most authentic sites to get a professional mobile proxy is Litport 

Litport provides ethical proxy services all over the world by providing unique IP addresses. Choose your package, make payments and immediately start utilizing legal proxy service on your device. 

Utilizing the Litport proxy server additionally saves you from hacked phones and virus-infected devices because the company has official contracts with mobile carriers around the globe. 

Pro Tip: Mobile proxy servers are especially recommended for devices that are used by children so that their personal information remains hidden and they could be saved from any potential harm. 

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