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The King of Fruits is the title accorded to Durain in southeast Asia because it is far more nutritious than other fruits.


Durian may vary in colour from green, yellow to red and it's outer layer is spiky in nature. It has a very strong sell which many find to be unpleasantly strong.


It can also be eaten fresh on its own or mixed as ingredients in making other delicacies but do you know you can even savour the flavour of durian even from Cakes?  Durian lovers should try this mooncake.

Moon cake is a Chinese pastry product, mostly consumed during the mid-autumn festival. The mid-autumn festival is about moon watching and Moon cakes are the perfect delicacy to celebrate the festival with your friends and family.

Moon cake are round in size and are usually filled with fillings usually made from red bean, lotus seed paste or even durian.


Durian fruit comes in different varieties. However,  the most commonly found one is Durio zibethinus.

A single durian fruit can weigh up to 600g and it's proven to be a good source of energy with about 900 kcal of energy being rendered by 600g of this fruit. The unique strong smell of durian is due to the volatile sulfur compounds and fatty Acids that can be found in this fruit.

 Read on to find out the nutritional benefits attached to the consumption of this fruit!



Many health benefits are attached to the consumption of durian, part of which includes the following:

 Aids digestion:Durian aids digestion and also helps treat bloating, cramps. heartburn and etc

The dietary fibre in durian is responsible for improved digestive health and also helps prevent constipation. It also contains thiamine which improves appetite in the older generation.  

  1. Durian ensures stronger bones: potassium and calcium are constituent of durian fruits. Although the calcium in durian is lower than that of potassium. Yet, the potassium caters for about 7-9% of human body requirements.

The potassium present regulates the distribution and deposition of the calcium in bones so that it is released into the blood at the required level.

  1. May help in reducing cancer risk: the consumption of durian is said to reduce cancer because of its antioxidant properties. There are also claims that durian kills cancer cells and stops their growth due to its polyphenol constituent
  1. Potential to reduce ageing: durian contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that counters oxidative stress level.

Studies reveal that the lower the oxidative stress level,  the slower the ageing process.

Eating Durian does your body a whole lot of good but there are no limitations to how you can eat your Durian. It's high time you try out a mooncake that's of durian flavour if you are an unapologetic lover of durian!


The next Mid-autumn festival is just around the corner, this could be your perfect opportunity to try it out with your friends and family. Bonding over a table of durian mooncake is divine!

This recipe shows you how to wear delicious Immunity boosting foods hokkien mooncakes without buying golden syrup or kansui from scratch. You get a delicious black sesame filling in this recipe, a dough that has a nice mouth feel and holds its shape, and it is detailed


Eating Moon Cakes tradition has a long tradition. The cupcake boxes is more of a wheaten snack. The dough consists of rice, oil and sugar and the filling consisting of red-bean and lotus paste, salty egg yolk, preserved fruit and cocoa.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is probably one of the chinese solar calendar most critical festivals. The harvest celebration is organized on the Chinese Han calendar's fifteenth day of the eighth month, usually occurring on the night of the full moon sometime between june and november..


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