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What is a plumbing inspection and why is it important - Plumbing Inspection Service Boise

A plumbing inspection is a complete inspection of the toilet, sewerage, drains (interior and exterior), and the complete water supply of the house. During a plumbing inspection Boise, a plumbing inspector will have a keen look inside the installation system which ensures that the water being supplied to the house is safe for drinking. Apart from that, to dispose of the waste in a sanitary way and the safety of all the piping connected to your house. When we talk about a detailed Plumbing Inspection, Boise has many options for its citizens. This includes a complete process and one needs to understand it first before going through it. A plumbing inspection is a complete process and it can be or not be included in a complete home inspection.

What are the symptoms that you need for a plumbing inspection?

If you feel like the water from the pipes or taps of your kitchen or washroom is leaking or you notice salinity out of nowhere or the water pressure is not as before. This is the time that you might need it.


The leaks can occur anywhere. It can be the taps in your kitchens, it can be the pipes in your cabinets that connect the water supply with the taps, it can be the pipes from where water comes to your washroom as well. They not only cause discomfort, but also many other problems to the structure of the house and the supply of water.


This is the increase in the salts levels on walls that are near a water source and this can ruin the paint and wallpapers as well. This happens when there is a water problem with your plumbing system and this needs to be fixed before the issue gets out of hand and a lot of it needs to be spent to fix this.

Water Pressure:

You must have noticed sometimes that the pressure in the showers or taps is not as before and less water supply might be the reason behind this. Some issues with the plumbing systems can cause this and this needs to be fixed as soon as possible because this can not only inflate your water bills but can cause many other issues as well.

When people notice such things they get panicked and search things like ‘Inspect-All Services Boise Idaho’ but they must know what they need exactly for this problem and how to get it solved.  


Search for a home inspection company or specifically a plumbing inspector to come and inspect this problem for you and if needed, solve it for you.

Compare your costs: 

By deciding your budget you will be able to figure out what type of inspection you want for your plumbing system.

Plumbing system inspection is of three types.

1. Visual

2. Camera

3. Both


This is one of the most affordable inspections and this includes the presence of the home inspector over your property and then he visually inspects all the components related to the plumbing system of your house. It can contain tubs, showers, bathtubs, taps, and all the fixtures connecting the plumbing system. It costs around $150-$180.


This is not that affordable but it ensures a very detailed inspection. This can also help in checking underground pipes and the clogs found in them. If the problem present is that your house is just related to the superficial system of the plumbing line present, a visual inspection can help but if a sewer-related problem is faced, a camera inspection is needed and it cannot be done without it. It costs around $480-$510


If there is a detailed inspection required where we need to inspect the outer surfaces along with a deep sewer inspection as well. This will generate satisfactory results for you and the money spent on the inspection will be worth it. This combo will be comparatively cheaper as it is almost equal to the amount of a single camera inspection hence if you are going to buy a camera inspection, you should get a combo and save yourself around $150-$180

Step 3

Know what you will get out of this price?

1. Inspection of your water heater.

2. Inspection of the main sewer line.

3. Outdoor plumbing system.

4. Inspection of any place where water runs.

Inspection of your water heater:

In this step of the plumbing inspection, the plumbing inspector will check your water heater thoroughly. Things to note will be the water temperature, pipes, any signs of rust or pressure-relieving walls. Another annual maintenance task is to flush out all the present water in the heater to avoid sediment buildup or any chance that the water can be hard over this period. 

Inspection of the main sewer line:

As we have mentioned above as well, the main sewer line is checked through a camera to see if any roots are becoming a hindrance or not in the way of the sewer pipes and if there is any rust present there. Damaged pipes are also pointed out to process the replacement as soon as possible to ensure safety and less expenditure in the future when we are not expecting it. 

Outdoor plumbing system:

After inspecting the interior plumbing system completely, the plumbing inspector will also inquire about the conditions of this system outside to see if there is any problem present there which can disturb the plumbing system, and then all of the work put into this would fail. If you live in an area where it snows then it will also be inspected if the antifreeze protection system is working at all times.

Inspection of any place where water runs:

This includes any place through which water runs hence it can be taps, sinks, toilets, lines, tubes, and pipes. Water pressure, any fault in the pipes or water keeping system is also checked.

Final step:

After all of this, a final report with suggested repairs will be given to you and you can move further!

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