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What is a Remote Starter?

SPY PKE Car Alarm System

Remote starter simply allows you to start your car remotely, without going near to or inside your car and starting it by yourself physically with a key. Remote starters are useful when you want to cool it down on real hot weather or even warm up your car before entering in cold weather. Because of this, remote starter systems feature a wireless starting device that should be installed in your car.

SPY PKE Car Alarm System with Push Engine Start Button: 

The PKE car alarm with PKE-Passive keyless entry, you can press button start-stop, remote engine start which can advance the vehicle safety extraordinarily once correctly installed.

Automatically, the PKE feature will lock or unlock the door when the owner of that particular car approach or leaves or the vehicle in 1-3 meters with the key fob nearby such as in hand or pocket.

Remote Engine Start can pre-cool or pre-warm the vehicle in hot summer or cold winter press start-stop catch can begin or stop the vehicle simpler and progressively helpful furthermore, not a necessity to insert the key into the explosion cylinder any longer.

The alarm fits for 95% DC12V petroleum vehicles available, including manual apparatus or auto gear or vehicles and expert vehicle alarm installer installment is exceptionally suggested.


Function arm of PKE:

After turning over the engine of the vehicle, and the remote control in the range of the locator, get off the vehicle and close the door. After the driver leaves the vehicle by more than 2.5-3 M, turning the light flash once, and the alarm signals once, the vehicle alert is gotten in arm mode, and the window automatically closes.

The car alarm is best for 95 percent DC12V vehicles in the market, with both petrol and diesel cars, auto gear cars and manual gear cars. For the ease of customer, there is an English installation guide and user manual. The important thing to note here is SPY Company do not offer installation service, and sincerely expect you to install it by a specialized car alarm installer.

Engine start or stop

Main feature:

Following are the main features of remote start PKE car alarm system:

  • PKE alarm system
  • Auto-lock car door while driving
  • Auto-unlock car door while ACC OFF
  • PKE/RKE mode switch
  • Remote control weak power reminding
  • The door shut improperly alarming
  • Anti-copying remote control
  • One push-button engine start without a car key
  • Automatic rolling up window while closing the door
  • Remote trunk release
  • Anti-hijacking
  • Sensor/Pin switch auto-detecting
  • Remote engine start
  • In PKE mode, manually touch push button
  • Emergency disarm
  • Manually control central door lock
  • Rearm (Anti-faulty disarm)

Emergency car function

As the induction, the remote control is broken or misplaced, and then the owner needs to use the car according to these steps:

Use another key to open the door, find the host open and long-press. For 5 seconds the host code on the switch, at that point the speaker tweet 3, this tells the counter robbery lock capacity will be lifted, the vehicle can utilize. Remote start automatically locks the door function. Later of each remote start or close the remote start, the system will automatically lock the door to confirm vehicle protection.

How to install a remote start on a push-button start vehicle?

Some of the motor cars or vehicles will not shut off when the user goes out to them later by the remote starter, so on the dash, the user will only push the start button and then drive away. The users won't require doing anything with some vehicles. They just unlock the doors with his remote starter fob, get into their vehicle and drive away.

What PKE car alarm system include?

  • 1x wiring diagram/installation manual
  • 1x Brainbox
  • 2x Smart PKE remote with button batteries installed
  • 2x Intelligent Identification Sensors
  • 2x Wiring harness
  • 1x Illuminated ultra-slim Push to start button
  • 4x Push button mounting tabs
  • 1x Adjustable shock sensor
  • 1x Alarm 6 tone horn
  • 1x Led
PKE car alarm system

SPY Remote Starter Reviews

There are many latest vehicles with keyless entry systems or security but very few provide remote start systems. If you want to add a remote car starter system to your old or new car, SPY is the best option to start. The company is finest in electronics features, containing Atmel processors for performance, speed, and efficiency.

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