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What is a VoIP Phone and How it Works?

This article is completely dedicated towards a healthy discussion on VoIP Phone. We are going to discuss very basics like What is VoIP phone and How does it work? Don't get confused about the terminologies. We have discussed in very simple understandable words. Let's get started...

What is a VoIP Phone System?

In very simple words, a VoIP device has made major advances in the modern business phone systems. It uses the internet in order to pursue a telephonic workforce. VoIP devices have replaced the use of a pair of direct connect copper with the internet. The VoIP devices made easily achievable integration with other software applications. These advancements in technology also support older technology and the feasible setup process on the existing internet connections.

The VoIP devices made a beneficial impact on economical implementation due to its wider availability. FiberConX provides Premium VoIP Services, Phone Systems, VoIP Business Phones, Toll Free Services and International Calling.

As we said, it made advancements in the modern business phone systems, it is achieved by improving the connectivity and implementing interoperability.

Types of VoIP Phone

There are mainly two types of VoIP phone i.e. Hard Phones and Softphones. Let's have a look at them.

1. Hard Phones: Hard phones are most likely the traditional phones structure and look. The hard VoIP phones are generally used in conferences to make calls. You may even find one on your office reception desk. They are very helpful and useful in making direct calls.

2. Softphone: Even at this time, if you are reading this article from your smartphone, then you must know that you are using a softphone. Basically, softphones are virtual phones that possess in an app on smart devices like tablets, smartphones, and computers.

How does VoIP Phone Works?

VoIP phones have made telephonic communications easier as you just have to pick up the phone, dial the phone number then do the conversations for hours. But, how does VoIP phone really work? Let's figure it out...

As we already said the VoIP device has made major advancement in the modern business phone systems. The VoIP phones access the internet in order to make the telephone calls. It uses the existing computer network cabling or Wi-Fi to access telephone networks.

Before the VoIP era, there was PBX or we can say Private Branch Exchange. At the time, in order to make telephonic conversations practicable, all phones were wired to the PBX. The PBX was responsible for making the conversation calls possible and with accuracy.

Therefore, VoIP phones have declined the copper wire expenses. The phone number you were using before will remain the same. Hence, VoIP phone has made the complicated telephonic structure into an easy one.

Benefits of a VoIP Phone

The benefits of VoIP phones are as follows:

1. You can switch between simultaneous calls on a given account.

2. Twice better-quality audio range than a traditional phone.

3. You can use your existing internet connection.

4. Access to advanced voicemail options.

5. Instead of using the traditional power adaptor, they get power over their Ethernet network cable.

Comment below if you have any questions for us. We will resolve all your queries. Stay tuned with us. Thank you for reading.

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