What is Abnormal Hair Loss and What is its Treatment?


Hair loss is an extremely emotional and distressing disease that can cause a lot of stress, unfortunately, there are various myths associated with abnormal hair loss but with proper care, this condition is highly curable.

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Unhealthy lifestyle choices accompanied by medical conditions can cause abnormal hair loss. Hair grows in a cycle rests and then falls off after some time. This cycle repeats itself yearly each hair grows approximately 1cm per month and about 90% of the hair on the scalp is growing at a particular time. 10% of hair at any particular time is resting and after sometimes it falls off and new starts to grow.

Hair loss is frequent especially for people in the age of 50; this is characterized by shedding lots of hair especially during combing. Childbirth is one of the contributors to abundant hair loss.

When a woman is pregnant there may not be any shedding of the hair as the normal growth of 50-100 pieces growth of hair continues without any falling off but once she gives birth most of her hair goes to the resting stage and eventually fall off in large amounts.

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One can also have a higher hair loss after experiencing higher fever, lots of life stress, or after more surgery although this condition may correct itself it requires lots of medical attention. Thyroid disease infection is also known to contribute to higher rates of hair but can be reversed by treatment.

Hair is made up of proteins like the one found in fingernails and toenails thus inadequacy of proteins in one's diet can lead to protein malnutrition, when this happens it will cause the body to save on proteins thus shifting the hair into resting mode after which hair will fall. Eating lots of proteins is known to reverse this condition. To prevent hair fall check this list of garlic shampoos for hair loss from this page.

In some women hair loss can be considered as the symptoms of first trimester of pregnancy.

Prescription drugs known to treat arthritis, gout acne, or heart problems are scientifically known to contribute to abnormal hair loss. Abnormal hair loss can also be caused by taking Cancer treatment drugs used in chemotherapy as they are known to make hair cells stop dividing.

Hair loss begs the need to stop this menace in order to have that one attractive hair. Massaging of the scalp is known to aid good circulation in the scalp thus keeping hair follicles productive to produce more hair and intake of vitamin E is also known to aid in circulation in the scalp.

Vitamin B should also be taken in large amounts as it is known to contribute to the development of melanin which gives hair a healthy look.

Saw Palmetto is an herb that is known to block the production o DHT (a metabolite of testosterone) which is a contributor to higher hair losses, thus known to prevent hair losses in many men.

Protein intake in large amounts is also highly advised as it prevents hair from going to rest thus preventing excessive hair losses. Hair transplantation has gained popularity over a couple of years whereby healthy hair is harvested from the scalp with normal hair growth and then placed on areas experiencing severe hair losses stopping abnormal hair losses.

When hair loss is caused by a temporary situation such as medical conditions severe stress or lack of iron the hair loss will stop with the end of these causes thus no need to worry.