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What Is Abseiling And How It Is Useful For Painting High Rise Buildings

'Abseiling' is a word derived from the German word 'abseilen'. This means 'to rope down'. Hence abseiling technique is a method of accessing great heights. It has several applications like scaling high buildings for various purposes, mountain climbing, snowboarders, skiers, downhill mountain bikers, and more. Many people abseil down high rising buildings just for the thrill of it or for the purpose of charity;

There are also those who use this technique to scale high buildings for the purpose of repair work or painting. In fact, high rise painting in Sydney often uses this technique as well. This article goes on to explain the process of painting a high building and how it works.

What is High Rise Painting?

When it comes to accessing a high building for the purpose of painting or other repair work there are many obvious challenges. One of the biggest challenges is reaching such great heights. The purpose of painting a building is to improve the aesthesis of a building as well as to protect it, prolong its life and to preserve it for a longer period. Besides which a building that has been professionally painted, complements the architecture and enhances its commercial value as well.

There are several techniques used to access great heights. Some people make use of cranes or scaffolding techniques to access these heights; however such methods are very expensive. Abseiling painters in Sydney make use of this abseiling technique to access great heights. This involves making use of a special rope access method to access hard to reach places, great heights and paint them effectively. One of the main advantages of using this method is that it does not involve the use of any type of machinery small or big.

For example, if using the crane access method there is the danger of damaging surrounding areas like garden or footpath, but that is not the case with this method. This is also a more efficient method of high rise painting in Sydney than the scaffolding technique. The scaffolding technique blocks the view for a long period of time, it is more expensive and it is not possible to obtain a good quality finish.

How does Abseiling Painting Work?

This technique requires one to use a rope which needs to be secured at the top from where one wants to abseil down. It is necessary to check the path is clear of obstructions thus making abseiling down possible. It is also necessary to attach the rope to a harness around the waist of the painter. This is done via a friction device.

The way this works is one has to lean out backwards while facing the building; this will ensure that they start the descent. It is possible to control the speed of descending with one hand and the other hand is used to hold on to the second rope on top. The friction device makes sure the descent is not rapid and the person is in full control of the descent.

High rise painting in Sydney is possible using this technique although it is necessary to look out for any obstructions protruding since it can result in injury and affect the painting job as well.

Abseiling painters in Sydney are a great success and hence there are many applications for using rope access for the purpose of painting high buildings. It is an efficient and proven method and has several applications as listed here:

  • Roof painting
  • High building painting
  • Painting Factories and Warehouses
  • Painting Bridges
  • Stadiums Painting
  • Houses Painting
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