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What is addressable media and how does it work?

Nowadays, having the right advertising to show off your product is crucial in relation to its success. You may be considering whether or not you should invest in TV commercials as well as online social media marketing. However, most internet viewers do not appreciate being spammed with random advertisements that simply appear out of nowhere or have nothing to do with their interests. That’s why you may want to consider investing in addressable media. Here are the reasons why!

What is addressable media?

Addressable media is where commercials and adverts can be tailored towards the interests of the customer. This is through collection of data and information. For instance, if someone was looking up the best companies to hire a van, later on they may be advertised a commercial about van services in their area. Information can be gathered through social media, emails and any searches that were looked up on the internet.

Customers can have these types of commercials shown to them on a range of different platforms, including smart TV platforms and any other form of content provider. Advertisers may have access to potential customers through their previous sign-up information. This includes their name, email and addresses. The marketing team will then use this information and any future customer decisions and purchases to tailor future advertisements.

How does addressable media work?

There are two ways to make accessible media a useful tool for your future marketing plans. Any customer relationship management (CRM) information will be uploaded directly to the advertiser’s platform. You can even have the information uploaded to multiple platforms. This could include social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. Once you have matched data with the client, you can target ads based on what they like and regularly look for online.

Another way you could upload the media is through an onboarding service. These services will make sure that any information obtained by the marketer can be hidden from third parties. The data will be made completely anonymous by the onboarding service. It will then be connected to publisher profiles around the internet in order to be activated. Customers will then receive advertisements that will suit their tastes and interests.

Why should I use addressable media?

Honestly, no one wants to be spammed with advertisements that have nothing to do with the things they like. The internet can be a dangerous place that is full of spam, scams and products that are not worth the cost. That’s why it’s useful to have advertisements that can show them things that they actually like. Instead of wasting your advertisement space with commercials that do not suit the recipient, you can use target audience research to ensure that the right people see the right product. This should influence the number of sales that you have and will help you retain more customers. Just make sure that you do your research and ensure that the customers you try to reach out to are interested in your product. That way you won’t come off as ‘spammy’.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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