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What is Agile Software Development?

In case you did not know, Agile is essentially the ability to create and then respond to any type of changes.  It is going to be a way that you are able to deal with, ultimately succeeding, in a very uncertain and even turbulent environment, no matter what it may be.

The term ‘Agile’, has actually been coined as the label for the entire idea, as it was thought to best describe and represent any type of adaptiveness and even response to the many types of change which is going to be so important to the approach.  Essentially, Agile is going to be how effectively you are able to think through and understand what it is that is going on within your environment that you are living in today.  On top of that, it is also going to help identify the kind of uncertainty that you are facing, as well as how you are able to adapt to that uncertainty as you move along.

Agile Software Development

When it comes to Agile software development, it is going to be much more than just the frameworks for other programs such as Scrum, Feature-Driven Development, or Extreme Programming.  Agile leadership training is going to be more than the practicing of things such as test-driven development, pair programming, planning sessions, sprints, and stand-ups. 

When it comes to Agile software development, it is actually going to be an umbrella term that covers a set of different frameworks and other practices that are based on different values and principles that have been expressed in the ‘Manifesto for Agile Software Development’, as well as the 12 Principles that support it.  Essentially, when you start approaching the development of software in a very particular manner, it is generally going to be a very good idea to stick to these values and principles as strictly as you can.  This is because they are able to help you figure out the things that you need to be doing in order to achieve your particular context.

One of the main things that is going to separate Agile from the rest of the software development approaches is going to be on the people doing the work and what it is that they are focusing on, as well as how well it is that they are able to work together.  Most solutions are going to evolve through the use of collaborations between cross-functional self-organizing teams that are utilizing the right practices in order to reach their context.  In fact, there is actually a very large focus on developing a community of collaboration and even self-organizing when it comes to Agile software development.

While you may think that this means there are not going to be any managers, you would be wrong.  In fact, there are still managers, but this method simply allows for teams to come together to figure out the best approach to something without needing to get permission before they move on.  They are essentially going to be able to try and figure out the best approach to things on their own.

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