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What is an AI Chatbot Platform?

AI chatbot platform can help you rapidly build-out and launch an AI chatbot. You might be thinking to yourself, What on earth does that mean? We know it’s confusing! Let’s take some time to talk about what a chatbot platform is, what it can do for you, and why they’re such an incredible resource in the ever-growing chatbot market.


AI chatbots offer a level of automation we’ve never seen before. With AI chatbots, marketers can automate simple customer interactions like product recommendations and surveys or take it to the next level by providing dynamic products and services. No matter how simple or complex your service, you can create an AI chatbot platform with incredibly high levels of personalization that takes care of your customers while freeing up human resources to focus on what they do best: serve more customers.

Data collection

An AI chatbot platform collects data about your company and customers. This data can be used to send targeted messages that improve customer engagement, understand what customers need, and gain new insights into areas such as customer satisfaction and purchasing patterns. Some chatbots also collect anonymized data from users to help improve their algorithms. As more businesses invest in chatbots, there will likely be increased pressure on governments to regulate how companies use personal information. While there are some advantages of using a chatbot for data collection (such as gaining access to a large amount of information without having employees), it’s important to consider privacy concerns when designing a bot. Many companies already have regulations in place regarding privacy policies and procedures so they may not feel much pressure at all—especially if they are located outside of North America or Europe. However, if you’re building a business-to-consumer (B2C) bot, you should keep these issues in mind when designing your service so you don’t lose any potential customers over privacy concerns.


Today, businesses across all industries are implementing chatbots as a strategy to meet customers’ expectations. AI chatbots have become one of today’s most talked-about technologies, but what exactly is it and how can it impact your business? Here are ten ways that you can leverage the AI chatbot platform to benefit your business.

Content Curation

An AI chatbot platform will allow you to effortlessly organize, index, and curate relevant content. You can also monitor trending topics and events, allowing you to immediately produce content around them. And by offering a seamless way to share your curated content, you’ll be able to reach more people with it. This means that not only do you get more traffic, but you also increase your engagement rate. It’s a win-win situation!


In fact, according to a report from Gartner, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human. Unfortunately, many interactions already fall into that category today and most people don’t realize it. Many systems are not built to account for unique users and their preferences. That means each time you interact with a chatbot or other automated system, you have to start over again with a new experience. An AI chatbot platform can help solve that problem by tracking your past conversations and tailoring future interactions accordingly. With personalized experiences, customers feel like they matter—and they do! It also makes your business more efficient because you can handle more customers at once while still providing quality service.

Lead Generation

Not all consumers are ready to buy from you immediately, so don’t take it personally if your visitors don’t end up buying anything. You can use a chatbot for lead generation. Use personalization to capture leads and then follow up with them later. If a potential customer doesn’t have time to talk right now, make sure they have all of your contact information available in case they do want to chat in the future.

Conversation Retention

It’s difficult to take in information while chatting with a human and also remember what they told you. However, chatbots can remember every detail of a conversation forever. If your customer has more questions, then it will be easy for them to find what they are looking for from previous conversations. You don’t have to worry about losing customers because of bad service or forgetting important details about their order.

Custom Audiences

First, a quick reminder about how Facebook advertising works: Facebook lets you create custom audiences for your ads. Custom audiences are groups of people that you identify using data from either your own business or Facebook’s data. This allows you to target specific groups of people, which means you can get your message in front of exactly who needs to see it. With an AI chatbot platform like Rebtel chatbot maker users can easily create their audience and promote it on social media.

Customer Engagement

A chatbot platform, when integrated with a CRM or CMS, can automate tedious tasks and increase customer engagement. For example, it could be used to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) or welcome new website visitors. The platform might also be able to interact directly with customers through a live chat feature.

Community Management

A chatbot platform helps businesses respond to customer queries on social media or messaging platforms. Using a chatbot, your company can provide 24/7 customer service and increase conversion rates by making it easy for customers to quickly find the information they need. Chatbots are also great tools for increasing user engagement and advertising revenue. For example, companies with chatbots often see 20% higher engagement rates on Facebook Messenger than those without one.

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