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What Is an LED Light Box (and Why Do I Need It?)

Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter once said 'happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times. If one only remembers to turn on the light'.

If you like bright city lights, it's a given you have come across an LED Light Box! They adorn store windows, points of sale, entrances, overhanging street lights, and are in almost every outlet retail store.

LED lightboxes are a highly successful and visual way to advertise your business. They grab your attention, stand out, and invite customers in to visit.

Advertising with an LED lightbox offers many advantages.  They are adaptable, display any wording you choose, easy-to-read, colorful, and vivid in details. They are a more cost-effective way of advertising.

If you're wondering what an LED lightbox is and why you need it, look no further. Learn below some of the advantages you can enjoy from installing an LED lightbox at your premises.

Advertising Twenty-Four / Seven

Lightboxes do not sleep! They continue to advertise your brand twenty-four / seven. We, as humans, are attracted to the allure of vivid colored lights.

At night LED lightboxes are bright and can be seen from very far. Thus this ensures that you reach and expand your market further by reminding passersby about your company.

User Friendly

In today's market, LED lightboxes are ergonomically viable. They feature thin designs but, at the same time, have a sturdy function. They are, after all, designed to work 24/7 in different conditions being indoor and outdoor.

The frame of an LED lightbox will have an easy-access panel where you can change your display pictures or text at a moment's notice. It's a simple, easy, and quick move and gives you the advantage of changing advertising as you need.

Saving Energy

Lightboxes have been around for a long time.  Those older versions, however, used older lighting technology such as fluorescent lighting.  Modern LED lightboxes will stay alight much longer than a traditional fluorescent tube. It burns up to a million hours or more yet using less energy and producing less heat.

LED lights give more lighting per watt than other forms of bulbs. Also, the output remains constant no matter what size the LED lightbox is.

LED lightboxes are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. At the end of the day, your business will show energy savings. You will also be doing your bit for the environment with a smaller carbon footprint.

Double-Sided Option

One of the foremost advantages of a lightbox sign is that you have a choice of it being one-sided or double-sided.

A double-sided sign gives you double the advertising in one! Your customers will not miss that notice or message as they will see it on both the inward and outward journey.

There is no chance that your message will be missed!

Easy Updates

Many lightboxes are programmed by a computer.  This opens up options of using graphics and animations in promoting your business. And makes it much quicker and easier to change, and update display content with the touch of a keyboard.

You will make your business stand out if you use this programmable lightbox.

Seal the Deal

Using LED light boxes to influence your customers' buying choices is an optimal way to up sales. By doing a presentation on an LED lightbox with high-res pictures, graphics and advertising information can seal the deal. Customers will decide to buy the item advertised.

Lightboxes are also used as information centers.  Maybe explaining certain in-store products, pricing, services offered even to find out where you are.

An LED Lightbox not only allows you to advertise but also is a tool for engaging with your client and keeping them informed at the same time.

Where Can You Use an LED Light Box

LED lightboxes are a brilliant advertising tool that can be used in many places, including:

      Retail store signage

      Window displays

      Point of sale displays

      Till point displays

      Corporate signs

      Outdoor advertising

      Signage at airports

      Notice boards and time tables

      Nightlife entertainment signage

      Restaurants and menu displays

      Displays for showrooms and promotions

      Trade shows

      Road signage

The list is endless. An LED lightbox can be used anywhere you need signage.

You can use them indoors or outdoors as they are waterproof and made of acrylic material. They are acceptable for both applications. They can be wall-mounted.

Size doesn't matter in the case of LED lightboxes. You can go big outside and have a smaller replica sign placed indoors. The world is your oyster!

LED lightboxes are the workhorses of the advertising lighting field. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, day in and day out.

Lighting Up Your Future Business

In today's world, every business is completely aware of the significance of "in your face" advertisement to create a big difference in sales.

Their high visual impact makes them a must in the promotion of your business. They grab far more customer attention than dull non-lighted versions. Consequently, it helps drive up sales significantly.

Installing lightboxes is an excellent investment for any company. It helps up the sales revenue and advertises their brand and services.

Research and planning are key to successful LED light box signage. Before you make your choice to go the way of the LED lightbox, do your planning and research. Decide on the size, shape, indoors or outdoors, and of course, location.

To maximize the value lightboxes provide, choose LED lightboxes. They provide energy efficiency, durability, versatility, and flexibility.

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