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What is B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering? Is it the right course for me?

With a vast range of career options and high paying jobs, Engineering is the most popular course in India. Engineering course applies mathematical, scientific and practical knowledge and prepares the students to design, plan, and develop different things that make human life more manageable. The students who study engineering learn different skills such as precision, problem-solving, technological innovation, and finding solutions. 

In India, engineering courses offered at different levels include diploma, UG, PG and Doctorate but UG level B. Tech is the most desired engineering course. There is no doubt about career opportunities available in engineering, but selecting the right branch of B.Tech can be difficult due to the vast array of options (branch) available in the B.Tech course. The significant branches available in B.Tech course in India are Civil, Computers, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronic and Electrical, Automobile, Aeronautical and Aerospace etc. Out of major B.Tech branches, we will discuss B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and why one should opt for this branch. 

What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest and evergreen branches of engineering. This branch of engineering has made an immense contribution to several innovations that make human life more manageable. Mechanical engineering is one of the most desirable engineering branches that mainly deal with the concepts of thermodynamics, mechanics, fluids, and structural analysis. In other words, we can say mechanical engineering focuses on dynamic and moving systems. However, you should also be aware of this branch as it overlaps with civil engineering in many ways. However, many things distinguish mechanical engineers from civil engineers. To study Mechanical Engineering in India, one should pursue a diploma or degree level engineering program as per their eligibility. B.Tech is the most desirable engineering programme, and admission to this course is made through national, state-level engineering tests.

What set of skills do I need to possess to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering?

Opting for a course just because of its popularity is not a wise move toward a successful career. If you want to have a bright career in the future, you not only look for the best branch, but you should also be aware of your area of interest and the skills that a course requires in students. The prime jobs for Mechanical engineers are to design, build and test mechanical devices like machines, engines, and other tools. When it comes to B.Tech Mechanical Engineering, a mechanical engineer should have the following set of skills:


        Problem-solving and analytical skills

        Leadership and team-working skills

        Effective technical and budgeting skills

        Interpersonal skills

        Ability to work under pressure

        Verbal and written communication skills

        Active listening and critical thinking

What are Job prospects in industries for Mechanical Engineer in India?

Now a question that strikes the mind of many students is why I should opt for this course? Is it even helpful in pursuing a bright career in the future? The answer is yes. Being one of the oldest and most dynamic branches of engineering, Mechanical Engineering opens a wide range of job options and makes the students eligible for high paying jobs. In the mechanical engineering course, the students are prepared for different job positions. Some of the most popular job available for mechanical engineers in India include:

Designing: A mechanical engineer can perform roles in designing new creation. The main job of a mechanical engineer in India is to draft technical sketches using tools or computers. Those with good in sketching or computer-aided drawing can be considered ideal for this position.

Production: A mechanical engineer can also be selected for positions in the machine production and production of another component. In production, the mechanical engineers have to ensure consultation and supervision so that the manufacturing of machines and their components can be done. 

Besides this, you can be selected for positions in Analysis and Testing, Installation & Maintenance, Research etc. After completing B.Tech from a sound engineering institute, one can earn a handsome amount of money. The average salary offered to a B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student is 5 LPA and 12 LPA.

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
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