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What Is Cancer - Reasons, Signs, Measures To Avoid This

What is Cancer?

Cancer means the untapped knot growth. Any increase in its growth can be prevented by any tumor in the body, and if you cut it off from one place to another again, then it will be reformed, then it is cancer. In this, the health of the body falls. The knot increases and the blisters also break. In the beginning, it does not seem to be known and when the disease is detected then the disease reaches such a state that then it is difficult to save the life of the patient. Knowing the name of the disease from this pragmatic disease becomes fearful by death fear. The patient can be saved if the diagnosis of cancer is found in the beginning.

This disease can be initially recognized by the following signs

Cancer is such a terrible disease, many thousands of people every year, millions of people are standing at the threshold of death. Our purpose is to not tell the profit-loss of cancer disease, but to make people aware of this, to avoid such a dangerous disease so that another person can not get into it and can solve it in advance.

Symptoms of cancer

If any wounds do not get filled up quickly, especially in the mouth, the skin does not fill in 6 weeks and the lesion increases, then you can understand that there is a symptom. And unnatural blood vessels, especially after menstruation period in women, sometimes blood flow while leaving the stool, while the piles of the body in any part of the body may increase muscle fitness, especially in women. Difficulty swallowing food and frequent indigestion are also signs of cancer. And frequent cough and tone fracture, heaviness or strangulation, the intravenous process of internal intravenous constipation, or diarrhea. Or any difference of color difference between gelts and pain may be due to unnecessary weight or loss of power and impaired food If you get any Bho symptoms, then get advice from the doctor immediately.

This symptom can also be caused by the bleeding of other diseases, if you see any such symptoms, then immediately consult a good doctor.

Types of Cancer

A few years back, cancer was thought to be a deadly disease. But now it is not that there are many types of cancer. You will be surprised to know that the Kaiser is also known by 100 types but usually the major types of cancer. His description is low.

  • Sarcoma cancer - This cancer is related to blood and bone.
  • Carcinoma cancer - This cancer is related to skin.
  • Lymphoma cancer - This is in the Kaiser gland.
  • Leukemia cancer - These cancers are made in blood cells.
  • The reason for cancer - Tobacco, Pan masala, Khani, betel nut, alcohol etc.
  • The reason for cancer - Tobacco, Pan masala, Khaini, betel nut, alcohol etc.
  • By eating more fat, eating more salt, which takes more time to digest food, more time is spent on a single place, cancer of obesity, hepatitis B, and HIV is also cancerous.
  • The reason for cancer that occurs in other countries - by giving your milk to the baby, eating more contraceptive medicine increases the chances of getting cancer. Alcohol also promotes cancer, and it is good for you to stop eating it. The food left in the stomach for a long time encourages enzymes in the stomach and can also cause cancer. By consuming more fried foods, cancer can also be done.
  • Ways to Avoid Cancer - To avoid this, do not let any kind of nose smoke, do not bunk alcohol.
  • Sleep time, get out of time and exercise day by day, have time to eat and drink plenty of water.
  • Observe the junk food and eat pure aliothi food. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables in the food.
  • Eat plenty of seasonal fruits, be happy of life and remain free of worry.
  • Do not ignore any kind of disease, immediately seek the advice of doctors and can solve the disease from time to time.

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