What is Car Acceleration and How to Increase It?


Knowing how to improve car acceleration is just one reason for super-tuning an engine. At the factory, vehicle manufacturers have to balance fuel economy, emissions, and noise, which means that the vehicle is not set up to operate optimally. Cars in the old days were slow making many people look up for ways on how they can improve car acceleration. Let’s discuss some ways to increase it. Driving it for a little time doesn’t just help the battery but also the car’s rotors, makes brakes last longer, and  keeps other metal pieces functional.

1.  Nitro Tuning:

High-performance car tuning involves changing many engine components. There are parts of a car that have to be change. Cams, intake, headers and many other things that you will have to consider. Nitro tuning involves adjusting the carburetor on a nitromethane-fueled engine. When idle, the idle adjustment screw should be positioned so that the motor runs as slowly as it can, without the idle screw turning off. If the car is having difficulty starting, a slight change in the low adjustment screw may enhance performance. If the motor hesitates before revving up, or makes a chugging sound, changing the high adjustment screw will make the fuel mix leaner or richer, depending on the needs of the car.

2.  Spark Plugs:

An obvious fix and quite possibly one of the simplest is to replace your spark plugs.  A spark plug is a critical engine component that provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture that drives an engine.  A spark plug operates by directing electrical current to flow through a center electrode, forming a spark across an electrode gap, completing the circuit to a ground electrode.  No spark, no air-fuel combustion to drive your car, and bad spark plugs are often ignored. Your car is not going fast due to them.  Replace and upgrade spark plugs often.  Check with your user’s manual as to how often they should be replaced.

3.  Tyre Grip:

Vehicle experts know how to make your car faster by enhancing its tire grip and traction. The level of acceleration of a vehicle will be directly impacted by the amount of grip and traction of its tyres. When a vehicle has worn tyres, it will have a lower amount of acceleration. The grip of a tire can be calculated by finding the force needed to push it sideways. This will reveal its adhesive limits. Yokohama tyres in Manchester are best in this regard to use. They are available in many sizes and have best durability. Weather conditions such as rain and snow also affect adhesive limits. Upgrading old tyres with newer ones will increase traction ratings as well as a vehicle’s acceleration.

4.  ECU Tuning:

This involves altering or upgrading a programmable memory chip to significantly increase a vehicle’s acceleration. Manufacturers usually install a conservative ECU (engine control unit) tune to maximize fuel efficiency, and provide cleaner emissions. Instead, an ECU can be tuned to derive increased performance. It is a method that modifies the intake as well as the exhaust parameters of a car. A properly tuned ECU can increase a vehicle’s drive ability as well as its performance. The most effective upgrade of an ECU is by using a plug-in replacement module or with a specialized software update through the diagnostic port. In some situations, an external device called a tuning box is used. This is often only possible with modern engines that have external management ports.