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What is Cardiovascular Heart Disease?

What is Cardiovascular Heart Disease?

What is Cardiovascular Heart Disease?

Cardiovascular heart disease is due to the disorders of the heart and blood vessels. These include coronary heart disease (heart attack), cerebrovascular disease (stroke), increased blood pressure (hypertension), peripheral artery disease, rheumatic heart disease, congenital heart disease, and heart failure.

The heart is considered to be the most loyal part of our body. If for some reason its ability to work is affected, then it has a big impact on our body. Even this could be deadly. The main causes of cardiovascular disease, consumption of tobacco, physical inactivity (irregular, runny life), irregular food and excessive consumption of alcohol are included.

How our body works

The human body mainly runs two systems. One of these is metabolism and the second is the diagram Nature has not created this human body in such a way that it can fit itself in fast food and a full-fledged lifestyle. After working all day in the office, sticking to the TV till late in the night and then irregular food, it damages the body. These habits cause additional pressure on the heart and in the end, this pressure causes the heart patient.

All right then blood flow

It is here to note that the blood flow plays an important role in controlling the heartbeat. Most people are unaware of heart-related illnesses. The problem of heart attack is mainly due to the lack of a proper supply of blood in the heart muscle. In the coronary arteries present in the heart, there is a danger of heart diseases, even if the blood supply is not correct.

Why is the effect on the heart

Age of coronary arteries decreases with the consumption of fast food or other fatty foods in excessive amounts. Along with this smoking and drinking also have a bad effect on cardiovascular health. Blood clots block the arteries. Thereby, the supply of blood from the heart to other parts of the body starts slowing down and at one point it comes when the heart stops working.

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Heart Disease

Chest pain (angina)
Shortness of breath.
Pain, numbness, weakness, and coolness in your feet or hands (blood vessels in these parts of your body when compressed)

Women are more at risk

It is believed that men are more likely to have heart patients than women. Although women may suffer less than heart disease, their death rate is higher than men. One of the major reasons for this happen is that women do not take full care of their health. They are so involved in family and work that they do not care about their health. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year approximately 7 million fifteen thousand Americans have a heart attack. And about six million people are killed due to cardiac diseases.

What happens to healthy cardiovascular

The function of a healthy cardiovascular is to supply blood and oxygen in every part of the body. Smoking and alcohol consumption is severely affected by the action system of the cardiovascular system. This usually happens when strokes or clots are gathered in this system. And many times they are also deadly.

Exercise keeps fit

An easy way to avoid this problem is exercise. Exercise can be avoided not only from heart disease but also from many other diseases. By exercising, diabetes, different types of cancers and many types of mental illness can be kept away. There is also a way to exercise. Exercise is considered to be very successful, due to which there is a lot of sweating from the body that means that this exercise should be less and hard physical labor. If you start trying this method from today, then assume that you decide to become even younger by next year.

Whenever you exercise, the flow of blood gets accelerated. It begins to enter the muscles quickly and takes the cytokines present in them and reaches the heart. This way the protein reaches every part of the body. This protein is present in adequate amounts in every joint, bone and even in the brain. This protein does not accumulate blood clot in any part of the body, which is the biggest cause of heart disease. So if you have any affection for your heart then exercise yourself daily. This will allow you to jump over the age of eighty, play cricket at the age of seventies, and run with children in the age of fifty.

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