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What Is Cloud Phone System? How Is It Different From IP Telephony?

IP telephony is accomplished through the use of voice over the Internet Protocol. It is telephony when it has assigned numbers and allows a traditional telephone to communicate with an IP telephone and vice versa. Therefore, IP telephony differs from traditional telephony because the first uses the Internet to transport while the second is provided through telephone cables that reach the user. A Contact Center that provides Internet service could also provide IP telephony through its network, taking advantage of the Internet link to the user.


But then what is Cloud Phone System?


Cloud Phone System can be borrowed through an application accessible via the Internet. Although, Cloud Phone System is also IP telephony, it is said that it is in the Cloud since it can be provided by a third provider other than the provider that provides Internet access. For this reason, the concept of Cloud is used when the Contact Center service can be accessed from any Internet access.


Cloud Phone System replaces traditional telephone service by applying an IP telephony provider, specifically for companies that require PBX (Private Branch Exchange or Telephone Switchboard) and that replace them with a Telephone Central in the Cloud.



Advantages of Cloud Phone System:


It has two advantages:


1.     1.  Inherent to IP telephony. It is a voice service but provided through data transfer, and

2.      2. It is provided through an application that can be accessed from any location through the Internet.


Therefore, Cloud Phone System allows us to treat the voice exchange at the data level, and the communication can be stored, made multiple routes and analyzed, all through Software. The user can use their Internet access to carry out communications regardless of their location. This difference allows telephony, which is intended only to establish voice communications, to be replaced by novel Cloud Phone System that allow integration with other tools. And, even carry out communications through video and no longer just voice.


The most important thing is also the emergence of new telecommunications business models. Before, it was necessary to hire telephone lines that could be provided by one or, in the best of cases, some providers. Today, just by having the Internet, it is possible to have IP telephony services from many providers.



To use the Cloud Phone System, three basic requirements are a must:


(i)                             Contract the services of an IP telephony provider that has the Telephone Central service in the Cloud (Virtual Central or Virtual PBX),

(ii)                           Have an Internet, connection

(iii)                         IP device to make and receive calls.



Novel features:


·         Receive messages from the voice mailbox by email.

·         Have a pre-attendant, fax server, possibility of having interns on cell phones Smartphones.

·         Call forwarding.

·         Call recordings that can be saved in DropBox integrated electronic invoicing system.

·         Click to call by company in real-time.

·         Another new feature is high definition (HD) on calls.


Cloud Phone System allows the company to replace its PBX or acquire a very sophisticated PBX and have the telephone service, including numbering to make and receive calls. The company only needs to have the Internet. It is to be expected that, with time, traditional telephony and PBXs will disappear and be replaced by this new model.


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