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What Is Elevator Advertising? Find Out The Advantages Of Elevator Marketing

Advertising is a marketing tool that is a paid form of communication that promotes a product, service to the customers in order to create demand and hence, help the brand or business generate more profits. This is a form of marketing that the business owners use in order to create a need among its audiences who are willing to pay for a certain commodity or service. This is a very helpful tactic that initiates the interest in the customer and furthermore, transforms that interest into actually want. There are various forms of advertising methods that help these businesses market their brand and products as well as services. For example, display advertising, video and image advertising, product placement, outdoor and indoor advertising, social media advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, event marketing and email advertising.

What is Elevator Advertising?

Elevator advertising when compared to other forms of advertising is a newer concept. It is one of the most effective and simple advertising methods in terms of customer awareness. This is a form of display advertising where the banners and posters of advertisements are displayed on the walls of the elevator to draw the awareness of the audiences.

The focal key point of this form of advertising is to captive the audience’s attention. This kind of captivate elevator advertising allows potential customers to view these advertisements without any distractions. The marketing tactic used is that when using an elevator, a person will remain in the elevator from a few seconds to a few minutes. This time is used by marketers to attract their attention when they are occupied by no other tasks.

This kind of advertising works best when used in the busy elevators in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, corporate towers, hospitals, residential, etc. the higher the floors in a building, the easier it will be for the marketers to secure the advertising spaces. The lift advertising has to be creative and unique in its nature for the best possible marketing result. Elevator marketing has become a popular trend among the advertisers today as it has proven to be cost-effective; at the same time, it is resourceful and attracts many customers.

There are various advantages of elevator or lift advertising which is why so many marketers are using this practice to increase their reach. Some of the benefits of elevator advertising are as follows-


Elevator advertisements are highly creative and generate buzz through its clever and visual appeal. The elevator ads can enhance the building’s architecture and also attracts the target audience.


The primary reason why so many small business owners are using this form of advertising is that it is cheaper when compared to other forms of advertising.

Prolonged focus-time

When a person uses an elevator, his attention is completely on the advertisements as he is not distracted by any outside forces or tasks.

Higher recall value

The audience gets a closer look at the ads which promotes the remembrance value of the featured advertisements. The potential audience would remember seeing the ad and if interested, there is a possibility that they might search it up later.

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