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What is Enterra Gastric Pacemaker Treatment Offered By Long Island Weight Loss Clinics?

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If you suffer from Gastroparesis, then you might have heard about non-surgical treatments for this condition. Here in Long Island, some weight loss clinics and surgeons offer Enterra Gastric Pacemaker treatment for Gastroparesis as an alternative to highly invasive surgical treatments. A pacemaker is a medical device used to treat heart conditions, but similar gastric pacemaker devices have shown effectiveness in treating digestive issues.

You can get an Enterra gastric pacemaker fitted into your stomach from a reputed weight loss clinic such as LI Obesity Surgery and gain instant relief from Gastroparesis. Apart from the treatment for digestive disorder, this treatment can also be used to treat obesity. However, since Enterra Gastric Pacemaker treatment is a relatively new treatment, many Gastroparesis patients aren’t sure what it is and how it works.

To help anyone who might be wondering about gastric pacemaker treatment, we have created this informative resource, and we suggest you read it until the end.

Is gastric pacemaker treatment a form of bariatric surgery offered here in long island?

Since many bariatric surgery clinics in the long island offer gastric pacemaker treatment, it is natural to assume that it might be a weight loss therapy. A gastric pacemaker is used to send an electrical signal to the brain that tells the brain that your stomach is full soon after eating; this reduces the portions of the foods you eat since you will feel fuller sooner than usual.

Over time, this treatment shows results in natural weight loss by helping you control the amount of food you eat.

What is Gastroparesis, and how is it treated using a gastric pacemaker?

As mentioned at the start of the article, weight loss is not the only reason gastric pacemakers are fitted. While Gastroparesis doesn’t have a permanent solution, it can be controlled by controlling the symptoms of the disease.

This condition affects the muscles of the stomach, and it prevents them from functioning correctly. The digestive tract uses muscles to move the food through different digestive system areas, where it is absorbed and then ultimately expelled from the body. Patients who suffer from gastroparesis experience nausea, persistent vomiting, abdominal pain that vary in intensity, and bloating.

This condition is commonly found in diabetic individuals; however, it can also be found in non-diabetic patients.

Weight loss clinics have successfully used Enterra Gastric Pacemaker in long island, NY and around the US to treat Gastroparesis successfully. The pacemaker is fitted inside the patient’s stomach with the help of a minimally invasive procedure.

It is connected to the stomach in different areas of the digestive tract to stimulate the muscles. Once the stomach muscles get stimulation through the pacemaker, the normal movement of the food through the digestive tract is resumed. Patients who get the pacemaker fitted can expect to feel improvement in Gastroparesis symptoms soon after the procedure.

The pacemaker device has different settings, and your surgeon can increase or decrease the settings to achieve the desired results. The ultimate goal of the pacemaker is to manage the symptoms of the disease; as long as the pacemaker is working correctly, the symptoms of Gastroparesis can be managed.

What improvements can you expect from the Enterra Gastric Pacemaker?

Patients that get the gastric pacemaker treatment report the following benefits:

·         Reduced nausea and vomiting

·         Improvement in glycemic control in patients with diabetes-related Gastroparesis

·         Better nutritional absorption that was previously malnourished due to poor absorption of nutrients

The pain associated with Gastroparesis usually is not improved with the help of gastric pacemaker treatment, and it requires additional medication to overcome.

While gastric pacemaker treatment is relatively new in long island, it has become a popular bariatric procedure, and it is considered safe by most experts.


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