Erectile dysfunction is surely an ailment and is one type of sexual disorder in males. It is the effect for which, male genitals are not erected during foreplay and hence the male remains not fit for the same. This is the basic concept of the ailment and now comes the internal details of the thing.

Coming to the in-depth study of erectile dysfunction, some questions come to your mind usually –

  • What is the biological syndrome of the ailment?
  • Is there any other effect of the ailment? And
  • Whether the ailment is curable permanently or not?

The simple thing is that when you get the answers to the above-mentioned questions, your concept about the male sexual disorder will be completely cleared out. Hence, find the answers of the same now and clear your concept.

The cause of ED

The essential effect of ED is straight forward – the male genitals, or the penis of male won’t be erect and won’t be ready for intercourse. Now, what the reason for the same might be?

The first thing that comes to the mind is about the hormonal secretions. Whenever you surf down the pages related to the same, you will be repeatedly answered with the same thing. Testosterone is the hormone that lies at the back of all these, and the less secretion of the hormone is blamed for being the core reason of ED. But the matter of fact states some different thing. This hormonal secretion is the cause of the sperm to be ejected out of the genitals. Hence, depending on the hormonal secretion, the sperm count in your body remains tuned. So, it has nothing to do with the erection of the genitals.


Then who is responsible for it? It is the blood circulation process through the genitals that govern the erection of it. Hence, unless the blood circulation there is not standardized, you will not be affected with the erection. So, the clear thing is that – it is the blood circulation that matters the most.

Effects of ED

The real reason for ED is now known to you, but what is not known is the essential effect of the same. Yes, when it is the matter with the blood circulation, then different things naturally come out. This is regarding the pumping of the heart, the function of the lungs and also the flow of blood through the nerves. If all these were normalized, then the disease would not have elapsed at all. Hence, if you are facing the ailment, it is sure that there are some drawbacks at all the three points, or in any one of them.  If you want to get more information about ED treatment then redirect here.

To be very much factual, these are not the effects of the ED; rather, ED is the prime symptom that you are going to develop any such ailment which can even take your life. Hence, unlike others, consider ED seriously as this can simply be an indication of a big ailment that is developing at the backend. Another thing here to be noted is that you can even develop another ailment which is related to the same as well – arterial hypertension, which is directly linked with the heart.

Whether the ailment is curable?

The final thing that makes you feel shy and at times becomes the reason for hypertension in your mind is – whether ED is curable?

The straight forward answer is – yes, it is curable, but the next thing to be watched a, includes the regularity that you need to maintain in order to get rid of the ED permanently.

To be very clear, the direct treatment of the same is curable with medicines that will also be treating the arterial disorders. You can visit at arrowmeds.com and get Sildenafil 100 mg ED pills for erectile dysfunction treatment. But you need to follow some of the things to ensure that the disorder won’t come back again. This includes –

  • Regular morning walks on your feet, which will charm up the blood vessels of your body and will also regulate the blood circulation.
  • A healthy diet where grainy substances will be more and fatty acids will be less – this will regulate the blood cholesterol and will also ease the blood flow in your body
  • Mental stress-relieving activities – it can be yoga, meditation or can be needling your body

The main word here is – you will have to be active physically, get rid of smoking and alcohol, and also to maintain standard health for remaining fit.