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What is Hosting? And what to be consider before buy?

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Web Hosting (in Greek is called “filoxenia istoselidon” is the service provided with the aim of "uploading" a website on the Internet. Specifically "rented" a part of a server for a period of time usually 1 year.

Many times the hosting plans include terms that are unfortunately difficult to properly evaluate by a non-experienced internet user. For this reason, we simplify the logic of hosting packages in order to determine your needs through them.

You should be aware in most cases that the web hosting service is closely linked to that of emails.

Shared Hosting

The most widespread and cheapest hosting package is the shared hosting. Imagine that you live in an apartment building with many apartments. All tenants share the "resources" (CPU, Memory, Disk Space) between them.

However, the risk of such a service being chosen is considerable. In the event of a "DOD" attack on a Web page, then all pages are on the same server. The same thing happens with the email service.

When spam emails are sent via a domain hosted in a shared server, then automatically all domains served by the same server will be "stigmatized" thus, creating problems in your digital communication.

For the above reasons some companies provide Shared Dedicated Hosting. That is, they only place their own projects on their servers always based on their corporate profile and the type of website (corporate website, portal, eshop).

The number of projects they place on the respective server is small to avoid the possibility of server overloading. In order to ensure the quality of the services provided through the service Shared Dedicated Hosting does not provide email hosting.

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VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

VPS Hosting is similar to owning a residential building. It shares your property, but you are responsible for it and for the possible repairs required. With this service the user has guaranteed resources while maintaining management privileges in hosting.

Cloud Hosting vs. Web Hosting

Cloud servers are a combination of the resources of a server group that are connected to each other in order to increase features and performance, ensuring 100% uptime.

The differences between a cloud hosting service and a web hosting is that using cloud servers minimize the chances of delays (slowdowns) or interruptions (downtimes) of the site due to lack of resources. Possibility of expanding the allocated infrastructure does not exist or is quite limited for web hosting packages.

What to be considering before buy Hosting?

Disk space / storage space

Disk space is the amount of physical storage space that a web server provides to store its web files. Currently, hosting companies have plans to measure disk space primarily in terms of gigabytes, but some still offer plans in megabytes for storage space. Depending on your file storage space needs, you may need more or less. Generally, the more disk space is offered, the better.

Bandwidth / Data Transfer

The amount of bandwidth available can make a big difference when choosing a quality hosting plan. In general, the more bandwidth a hosting company offers you, the better. This means that you can admit more traffic to your website as your business grows. Be careful with web hosting companies that offer unlimited or unmeasured bandwidth. While many of these are legitimate offers, there are some that are selling their bandwidth too much in the hope that the average user will not use much.

Customer service

In any business, it is very important to provide exceptional customer service. Web hosting is no exception to this. Many of the hosting companies are available all day and night in case you have a problem with your website, but there are some that are only available during specific times of the day. If your website falls in the middle of the night when they are not available, this means loss of revenue for a business. You must ensure that the web hosting provider you select is always available for assistance.

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