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Knowledge Guide: What is Jeeto Lotto?

Lotteries enable people to try their luck to win different prizes. Although winning these games depends solely on luck, many people are attracted to try when chances of winning are increased. Technological progression has also made it possible for an explosion of multiple websites dedicated to offering a variety of online lottery products such as Jeeto Lotto. Jeeto Lotto has numerous features that distinguish it from the rest of the product in the lottery market. This blog explores some of its features and how it’s played.


Jeeto Lotto has a draw every 4 minutes, which increases your chances of winning the game. Many official lottery draws happen once or twice a week, meaning that the Jeeto Lotto product is a complete break from the norm. Many players need a game that increases their chances of winning by enabling them to play frequently.

Many Features of Jeeto Lotto

Jeeto Lotto is a product of Lottoland which enables a player to pick ten numbers out of the 70 possible ones. The player scoops the jackpot prize if they match all the ten digits. The game is available daily and has draws after every 4 minutes. On an hourly basis, a player has 12 chances of winning the game. When you match at least five numbers, you’re eligible for a prize. The more numbers you match well, the more amounts prize amount that you scoop.

You can select the numbers on the lottery ticket either manually or using the quick-pick feature on your computer.


You only require INR 90 to start playing the game. In case you hit the jackpot, your prize amount is INR 90 million. The INR 90 is for a single line. In case you want more lines to increase your odds of winning, add more INR 90. 

How the game is different from others

If you don’t have any matching numbers, you can still earn a prize. However, you’ve to see at least 20 numbers drawn every moment from the 70 numbers. You can also get a bonus even if you don’t see any of the 20 numbers. This means that you can’t lose the game even if you don’t pick any matching numbers.

Prize money 

With a stake of INR 50, you win a maximum amount of INR 50 Lakhs. If your stake if INR 100, you stand a chance of winning 1 Crore. A maximum bet of INR 500 enables you to capture INR 5 Crores.

With a minimum stake of INR 50, the maximum prize that can be won is INR 50 Lakhs. For a stake of INR 100, you capture up to INR 1 Crores. If your stake is INR 500, you can win up to INR 5 Crores.


Technology has enabled different lottery websites to come up with exceptional games. One of them provided by Lottoland is Jeeto Lotto. The game increases your chances of winning because draws take place after four minutes. This blog covers some of the core features of the Jeeto Lotto and what sets apart.

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