What is Learning Content Management System Software?


or LCMS, is a system used for the authoring, managing, hosting and tracking of digital learning content.

It’s a very useful tool for e-learning, providing a platform for every step of the e-learning process. However, the details of what the software is and how it can be useful aren’t necessarily obvious at first glance. Let’s take a look at some key points to understand about learning content management system software.

How is It Different from Learning Management Software?

Learning management software (LMS) is another common e-learning tool. While it shares some similarities with learning content management system software, learning management software is not the same thing.


Generally, LMS is used for the deployment and tracking of learning in a business setting. It gives employees access to learning content and keeps track of their progress as they work through said content. It can also be integrated with other types of software such as CRM or HR software.



Learning content management system software, on the other hand, allows for more options in terms of creating and editing learning materials, rather than just sharing them with their audience. This type of software generally allows for a great deal of collaboration between users (co-editing different pieces of learning materials, collaborating on various projects, etc.).


With LMS, you create materials externally from the software and integrate them into the software later. With learning content management system software, you create and deploy material within the same system. Another difference is that LMS is also used to track the progress of activities like in-person and social learning meetings and LCMS software is not.


These two varieties of software are used for similar purposes but have some different capabilities and are not interchangeable.

Who Benefits from Learning Content Management System Software?

Before you invest in an LCMS, you’ll surely want to know exactly what it will accomplish for your business. 


If the majority of the learning necessary in your company can be accomplished digitally, learning content management system software is probably the right choice for you. This type of software is an efficient way to deliver large quantities of specialized information to a larger number of people. It integrates the entire learning process, from content creation through deployment and tracking, into a single system. One thing worth noting is that in-person learning may be more challenging with learning content management system software; however, its extensive digital features make up for this.

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Bottom Line: Learning Content Management System Software is Worth the Investment

Learning content management system software is a useful tool for many businesses, as it allows you to create a solid and standardized learning process for all employees. It also offers the functionality you need to teach and train employees all the information they need to thrive in their roles. 

When it comes time to revamp your training program, make note of what your business’s needs are and consider if learning content management system software is right for you.