Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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What is LTL or Less than Truckload freight shipping?

Less than truckload freight shipping is the transportation of small shipment which is not big enough to take up the entire trailer. This mode of shipping is usually used when the shipment weights between 150 and 15,000 pounds. When a shipper chooses to ship less than truckload, the shipper needs only pay for the portion of a standard truck trailer their shipment occupies. The rest of the unoccupied space in the truck trailer will be filled by other shippers and their shipments.

What are the benefits of shipping less than truckload?

Compared to full truckload shipping, less than truckload shipping may be slower but it allows for a much better cost and fuel efficiency. This method of shipping allows shippers to put together their smaller loads of less than 150 lbs or 68 kg and then ship them together with other shipper’s packages. By putting together multiple smaller loads, this allows the shipping companies to reduce fuel and the number of vehicles necessary to transport their loads. In this way, less truckload shipping helps to cut cost on transport, at the same time allowing the same service as full truckload shipping.  By helping to reduce the amount of fuel and vehicles needed for shipping, less than truckload shipping is preferred as a greener option and more environment friendly.


With modern technology and regular use, less than truckload can be just as efficient as full truckload shipping. Modern technology also allows the clients of shipping companies to track their shipments or packages and also get live notification of any delays, misplacements, or setbacks. You can click here to learn more about the tracking system in case you will need to track your shipments. Shippers can easily send and receive their shipments with a high degree of reliability even when using less truckload shipping.


This is one of the reason why less than truckload freight shipping is often preferred to full truckload shipping. Customers with regular shipments find less than truckload shipping more ideal. By grouping up regular customers together, it allows the shipping companies to attain better reliability and consistency, plus coming up with optimal routes to safer and faster deliveries.


These days, less than truckload shipping companies take extra precaution in ensuring the safety of your shipments.  Shipping companies make sure that your packages are properly packed and each time the whole less truckload shipment is altered, the packages are repacked, secured and placed in protective containers to protect from both physical and environmental harm in the process of handling and during shipping.


How to prepare your packages for shipping?

·        Get ready and provide necessary documents if required.

·        Take high quality photos of your goods as photographic evidence before shipping in case there is a dispute.

·        Make sure that your goods are securely wrapped in protective packaging before shipping.

Once you have received the shipment, make sure to immediately check the condition of the goods for any damages that can occur in transit and should immediately report to the shipping company concerned. You can use the photos you had taken before shipping as proof.


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