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What is Major Difference between WordPress Website and Customized Website?

Content management systems are really important if you are planning to make a website for your brand. Websites are one of the most important parts of any brand identity as it is most of the times the first thing to come in contact with the customers. Therefore, it is important to make the website as perfect as possible to leave a positive impact on the customers’ mind regarding your product or service. There are two major kinds of content management systems that include the WordPress website and a Customized website. Some of the major differences between the two are as follow


WordPress: The cost of developing a WordPress website is relatively low due to the fewer number of efforts required in the process of development. The design is already provided and it can also be handled by a person with a limited amount of information on web development and designing.

Customized: For a customized website, you will need to hire an expert web developer and designer in order to make your required website from the scratch which functions properly too. That will be costly since web designers and developers charge a high price.


WordPress: WordPress has a lot of designs and themes and can be easily customized even by people who don’t have a computer science background. However, it cannot be completely customized and for complete customization, you might need the services of a proper WordPress website development company.

Customized: Customized websites are completely customized since they are made from scratch anyway. Additionally, since they are already being handled by professional developers and designers, therefore, they can further customize the site perfectly and exactly how you want.


WordPress: The speed of WordPress sites could sometimes get slow since the design, theme, and functions are made according to a number of different aspect and perspectives. Therefore, if your website demands the functioning which is higher than the capacity of WordPress, the speed could get affected.

Customized: Customized websites are completely yours and the designs, themes, and functions are coded according to the individual requirements of your websites. This is why the speed never gets affected even if your website requires a high level of functioning.


WordPress: WordPress has pre-built structures which save the cost and curates result faster. The designers do not have to wait for the lead generation since the design and structure are already recognized and made suitable or lead conversion. It is also a plus point in terms of training since you will no need to invest money and time in training the designers and developers to make a website suitable for lead conversion.

Customized: Implementation with customized websites development could be really risky since you ever know whether your new structure is user and SEO or not. It could take quite some time for the website to be perfect according to the requirements of Google in terms of SEO and users. Therefore, you will need to invest a lot of money and then wait a lot to finally start getting the results. Hence, it could increase the total cost a lot.

WordPress content management system and the customized management system both are good for the website but it majorly depends on the requirements of the website. Some websites have a lot of requirements while others have very few. You must know your website’s requirements and demands and its compatibility with each type of systems. This will help you to get a clearer idea about which CMS to choose from the two.

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