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What is mileage log and how does it work?

Want to make a mileage log? Don’t know the appropriate way to make it? Don't worry; we are here to help you out. 

What Is Mileage Log?

Mileage log is the structural documentation to record vehicle mileage for business and other purposes. The mileage log template is an essential feature that includes trip details and odometer readings in the application form. 

It is instrumental in handling and monitoring deliveries. It keeps you charged with all the current technological advancements. Basically, the mileage log is the particular record of the driven vehicles.

There are many ways to prepare the report of driven vehicles as a document through a mileage log tracker. Let's discuss below:

1. The first and simple way is to prepare the reports on the excel sheets.

2. You can also prepare a handwritten report or expense report with the help of software. This method sounds complicated as there are high chances to forget some leads while preparing logs.

3. The simple solution is to prepare the mileage log digitally. 

Ways to Keep Track On Mileage Log

1.   Manual Logbook

A manual logbook is the traditional method to note down the records from the day you start till the present day. It is a challenging task because it is hard to envelop every trip's travel dates and destination. One can keep the printed excel sheets with detailed information. 

2.   Mileage Log Template

The mileage log template is an easy way to keep a record in an Excel or spreadsheet. It is easy to record data of vehicles driven on computers or laptops. Mileage log keeps the record of every mile covered on a daily basis, which is updated on a weekly and monthly basis.

You can also save and scan the receipt and share all the information with the travel agents or experts real time.

3.   Mileage Tracker Application

Mileage tracker application, as the name suggests, it is the application for smartphones to track the mileage spontaneously. 

This application is user friendly that makes the user’s life easier and helps in calculating logs. It is easy to share the sheets with others on email or Whatsapp. 

4.   Mileage Tracker Devices

There are many mileage tracker devices available in the market; you need to spend a lot of money for the perfect tracker. This tracker device not only helps in tax saving but also keeps the record of the vehicles covered daily. 

Three Ways That Save You From The Taxman's Embarrassing Situation

  • A Must To Record In Mileage Log

A.           Making a mileage log is a complex task; that's why here we discuss a few essential factors that you consider in mind while preparing a log report.

  1. Date of a particular trip 
  2. Vehicle's departure mileage reading 
  3. Vehicle's arrival mileage reading 
  4. Reasons for the trip 
  5. Point of departure 
  6. Final destination 
  7. Trip costs and any other similar trip incurrences
  • Go For Automatic Mileage Maker

Preparing a handwritten or excel sheet mileage log is a confusing task; keeping this in mind one should always opt for an automatic mileage maker for exact readings. Choose the software that is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems. Also, the software can be easily used in your smartphones and laptops. 

  • Share Mileage Maker At Multiple Platforms

The mileage maker and reports are shared on different platforms to avoid the complications such as missing out on data, misplacing data in different accounts. For the ease of report, generation runs your system on multiple devices so that you can easily track the reports you need. Sharing the mileage maker creates a data network so that everyone can access the data including experts and agents.


This is established that mileage log is a crucial part in smooth functioning and keeping records. We hope now you can understand what is mileage log and how to prepare it. The mileage log is time saving and efficient tax deduction criteria. So, drive your personal vehicle without worrying about the taxes. We also discussed different tricks and platforms to improve data collections and being technically updated.

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