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What is MOS Score? Plus, Top 5 MOS Values and Their Meaning

Are you a mobile app developer who creates various apps for end-user service? Then, you must strive to offer the best digital experience that promises to delight them. Now you might ask what kind of experience are you talking about, right? It's all about video viewing and audio listening experience that must be top-notch. Although your current application might not contain any of these media files, the one you may create next month could. For example, you may need to include videos if you develop apps for live streaming sports or live streaming news. Besides that, your business apps could also comprise explainer videos, introduction videos, live communication videos, or other video files to make your potential customers informed about your product, service, or company. Now the question is, how will you ensure that your end users are getting the most pleasing media experience through your audios and videos. That's where "MOS Score" comes in. An obvious question you may ask now is - what is MOS Score, right? 

So, let's paint an overall picture of the MOS score in the next section of this post:

What is MOS Score?

Before you understand "what is MOS Score," you need to wrap your mind around the "full form" of MOS. So, what does MOS stands for? MOS is the abbreviation for "Mean Opinion Score." You can perceive MOS score as the measurement of the quality of experience a piece of audio or video content delivers. 

Although MOS scores were getting generated from the surveys of expert observers in the early days, today, a MOS score gets produced using advanced AI engines. This artificial intelligence technology consistently measures the "video mean opinion score" of apps' videos during a "performance session test" and generates a simple, understandable result. So, now you know - "what is MOS Score?" 

Remember, while measuring the video MOS score, you may encounter various videos containing blocking feature or lacking it altogether. 

Now you may want to know what blocking feature means? So, let's see:

What is Blocking feature?

Blocking feature can be visible in various media files such as images or videos where the visuals fail to handle the amount of information thrown at them at the chosen bit rate. Due to this, the blocks start appearing in the images or videos, eventually causing an unpleasant viewing experience. 

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Can you show us a few examples of blocking feature in videos?

Assuming that you are well-familiar with mobile phones and watch YouTube videos frequently, we can provide you with one of the ultimate examples to understand blocking feature in videos

Suppose that you have opened the YouTube app on your smartphone to see "how to do mobile app testing." In that case, you will come across a long list of videos for the query you typed in the search box. If you see one of those videos in the 144p resolution, you will get a different experience. While when you watch the same video in 720p or 1080p resolution, you will get a class apart experience. If we explain this in short, a high-resolution video will have lesser or no blocks, whereas a low-resolution video will contain too many blocks. Sometimes your video viewing experience in 144p could get so worse that you can't even recognize the objects or characters in the videos. 

Now imagine if your mobile app contains low-quality explanations or walkthrough videos, and your potential customer plays it to get a picture of your products or services. Based on their viewing experience, do you think they will ever want to collaborate with your brand? Or, in other words, will they ever consider putting their hard-earned money on your products or services? We hope you got our point. 

Now let's see the range of MOS scores and the meaning of each score in the next part of this content piece. 

What is the range of MOS Scores, and what do they mean?

The MOS score of leading app video testing companies ranges from 0 to 4, where 0 represents "inferior" performance, and "4" shows excellence.

Score range:

1. "0" – very poor, or you can say impossible to communicate 

2. "1" – poor, or nearly impossible to communicate 

3. "2" – fair or annoying 

4. "3" – "good" or clear sound with slight imperfections 

5. "4" – excellent, or experience like a face-to-face conversation 

Remember, it will help if you memorize that the MOS score is not always a whole number. For instance, a value of 3.0 to 3.5 represents complete satisfaction, and a value below 2.5 is unacceptable for many users. 

Why do you need to hire a video MOS score testing company? 

Since poor quality videos can adversely affect the overall experience of your viewers, or you can say your potential customers, they might refrain from interacting with your mobile application and buying your products or services. Therefore, it is vitally important to hire a prominent digital experience testing company in the US. They measure your video MOS score by checking their performance on real devices and real-world network conditions. It ensures an improved mobile video viewing experience for your potential users and delights them whenever they watch it. 

On a closing note!

We hope you learned many things in this piece of content, including the definition of MOS score, the meaning of different MOS values, and the reason to work with a media experience testing company. So, if your mobile app also contains videos and you want to test its viewing experience, contact a cutting-edge digital experience testing firm now. 

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