What is offset CMYK Printing?


In the world of printing, although there are different ways to print things out and several types of processes that have been introduced, there are three major types of printing that take place while printing. However, all the printing can be good, there are still differences between them and these differences are what determine which printing process is the best and will give you the best results. The three major types of printing can be named as:

1.      Screen Printing

2.      Digital Printing

3.      Offset CMYK printing.

Now this CMYK printing is also known as Lithography. This type of printing prints out better quality results than the other printing processes. Many companies like this website use CMYK techniques to print boxes. Not only that but it has several other advantages that can be listed when we talk about CMYK Printing.


What is offset CMYK Printing or Lithography?

CMYK Printing is an abbreviation for colors that are mostly used during the printing process. These colours are:

·         Cyan

·         Magenta

·         Yellow

·         Black

These colors get their first letters stripped off to create the abbreviation CMYK offset printing respectively. These colors are usually given off onto rubber poles through which black paper is passed through and the image is printed onto the paper when it passes through those rolls.

Difference between Lithography and other printing styles

These two printing styles are both used widely in industries to get their jobs done. Offset printing can be seen to have a tough competition with Digital printing. But the advantages weigh more when it comes to the CMYK Printing process. The reason behind this is the unmatchable quality offset printing provides. The colors can be customized so the ink can be mixed well, creating better color shades than digital printing. This can give a more professional and neat look to whatever you are getting something printed on.

Pros and Cons of CMYK offset Printing:


·         Whatever type of paper you have or whatever you want to get the print, lithography is quite convenient for all types of material and will not cause any problems for any type of substance.

·         The color inks used in offset printing can be mixed up to create different shades, this is taken a great deal of care about during lithography so the colours come out looking better graded and overall improve the quality.

·         If you are looking to get a lot of offset printing done, then chances are that it will be pretty cheap because the more CMYK offset printing you get done, the lesser the price gets.

·         With CMYK offset Printing, you get the highest quality possible. This can not be possible in digital or screen printing.

·         You can get a large amount of printing done in a lesser time than it would take for screen or digital printing processes to do. Saving your time.


·         In offset printing, it is harder to eliminate errors because if a batch is ruined, it is hard to terminate the errors and the whole process has to be started over again to get it right.

·         CMYK offset printing can also be a little expensive and not be availed easily by people who have a short budget. Even though this can be a serious reason to not go for offset printing, you can try to save up and invest in it because you will be getting good quality and will not be regretting it.

How to choose what is best for your business?

If you are looking for ways on how you can choose the best type of printing for your purposes then there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You have to take care of a few things. These can vary from the amount of material you need to print to the expenses you can manage. If you can’t get it done personally or for your packaging boxes then you can look for companies like ZEE Packaging that will provide you with custom packaging on your choice that can be offset printed and will satisfy your needs.

These will not be too cheap and might be a little work to invest in, but the quality of CMYK offset printed material is way better than all the other types of printing and will attract more audience for your business once they see that you are providing them with the best quality material with high colour grading and production. Choosing CMYK offset printing has its advantages as well as disadvantages, however, the advantages weigh higher and it will be a good idea to go for this type of printing and get the highest possible printing done for you. You will easily find companies that will be willing to do CMYK offset printing for you and who knows? If you negotiate just right, they might get the job done for you in a lesser amount if you have a whole bulk to get the printing on.