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What Is SextPanther and What Makes It Different?

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SextPanther is an adult communication website that has already managed to attract millions of users. In addition to texting capabilities, the adult content creators also have the option to arrange for 1-on-1 video or phone calls.

With over 10,000 models on the site, the goal is to give people a way to connect with one another for virtual services. This company has prioritized customer service and cybersecurity for users, which has been a key part of its success. See what makes it different and why so many people have chosen it as their go-to for personalized adult entertainment.

Texting Culture

Today's texting culture has taken over communication in many ways. Instead of calling or emailing, people send quick and convenient texts. This has crossed into the adult industry, as many people would prefer a way to sext another person without the intimacy that may come with other forms of communication. We've seen this in the rise of apps like Snapchat and Kik. SextPanther is a dedicated technology designed for those who want a versatile and secure way to connect digitally with one another.

How SextPanther Works

SextPanther gives members an easy way to set up a profile and browse a variety of entertainers. Once they see someone they'd like to speak to, they have the option to reach out to them after purchasing credits. This platform has become more popular not only due to the rise of texting culture but also due to the claustrophobic effects of the pandemic.

Without the traditional outlets that we're all used to having, SextPanther gave everyone the chance to safely reach out. This much-needed break from reality turned out to be valuable for members. It also gave entertainers a way to make extra money during a time when people were struggling.

How Models Are Paid

The models on the site are given total control over their accounts. For instance, if they would prefer to text only, this is an option for them. They choose how much to charge for each service, setting a price per text, photo, or minute of video calls, and are paid twice a month. The talent on SextPanther is a mix of both professional and amateur models, so everyone has a chance to market their services to various types of fans.

Payments are entirely driven by paid members, there are no ads or data sharing. Joining SextPanther and creating a profile is free, but interacting with models requires the user to purchase SextPanther Credits. Credit packages drive revenue, but they also provide some additional benefits to the users such as giving them the ability to unlock the content. Members have the chance to add as many contacts as they’d like for free and make a list of their favorites, which ultimately translates to more revenue for the content creators.

How Members Get Started

SextPanther has terms and conditions for all users, which are clearly explained during the sign-up process. It takes little more than a password, username, and email address to set up an account and browse. Members can view the actresses' photos and get more information from their profiles. This can help them gauge everything from the pricing structure to the different services offered.

How Content Creators Get Started

Many models find that SextPanther is a great way to pick up more side income during the week. They are never (and will never) be asked to give out their credit card information, and they can trust the website to keep their information secure. Entertainers are not required to give out their personal phone numbers to fans, instead they can use a phone number generated by SextPanther specifically for the site.

The talent can set their own hours and take advantage of multiple features on the site. For instance, models can text fans individually, or they have the option to send out a group text to their many contacts. This can lower the investment of time for the model and start many individual conversations at once.

There are also options to employ financial strategies to gain more notoriety on the website. For example, a model might choose to send free teaser content in an attempt to get more contacts, or they might choose to post exclusive paid content directly to their profile. This doesn't mean that their services would be free, only that they can reduce the costs for the user to encourage more business.

The SextPanther Difference

SextPanther is a site as opposed to an app, giving people one less thing to download. Both users and models can engage directly via SMS messages or from the website. Every page and feature was designed with both end-users and models in mind. The goal is to make SextPanther simple to navigate from start to finish. It's all backed by friendly and responsive customer service, so everyone has a resource if they have questions or concerns.

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